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Before Nightfall Summertime by William D. Smith

Before Nightfall Summertime

Before Nightfall Summertime by William D. Smith is a quick and enjoyable read. Smith's writing style, as he often does, flows in the third person and gives an accurate and entertaining account of what happened during the night and early hours of the morning when the sun was still bright and the world was still full of life.

Nightfall Summertime follows the life of Jack, a teenager who is very close to his mother. His mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is desperate to be with Jack during his time of need. However, Jack is more than a little jealous that his mother wants to spend the night with a man who he thinks is already married. The two boys soon learn that their mother has been with a man for over two years. The story revolves around the two boys who try to help their mother get through her cancer treatment and then try to move forward with their lives while dealing with their own life issues.

Jack has a sister called Jessica and they have a very close relationship. He also has a cousin called Jesse, who is a bit older. Jesse is also a bit older than Jack, but he is still close with his mother.

Jessa, on the other hand, has a boyfriend called Jesse. He is also more than a little jealous of Jessa and his mom as they spend more time with each other. He also has a younger brother called Noah. Noah is much younger than Jesse, but Jesse is very jealous of Noah's relationship with Jessa. This jealousy turns to anger when Noah is injured while playing football during a football practice.

Jesse takes Noah to the hospital where Jessa is also waiting anxiously with a police officer. Jesse takes Noah to see Jessa and when he arrives, Jessa is in the process of going to the hospital. Noah is very upset at this turn of events and tries to leave but Jessa pulls him back. Jesse tries to help calm the situation and Noah asks Jesse to help him with his football game. Jesse agrees and soon Noah realizes that Jesse is just like him, a teenager who is struggling with life.

Nightfall by William D. Smith is a quick and enjoyable read. I enjoyed the story of the two boys and the two women who are a bit more mature than the teenagers.

Title: Before Nightfall Summertime-PLAZA
Genre: Adventure, Simulation
Developer: Pickle Drugs
Publisher: Pickle Drugs
Release Date: 24 Jul, 2020





• Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
• OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
• Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD FX4300
• Memory: 4 GB RAM
• Graphics: GTX 560 or R7 260
• Storage: 1380 MB available space

• OS: Windows 10
• Processor: Intel Core i7 8700K / AMD Ryzen7 2700X
• Memory: 16 GB RAM
• Graphics: NVidia GTX 1080Ti or equivalent
• DirectX: Version 11
• Network: Broadband Internet connection
• Storage: 50 GB available space
• Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card