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PC gaming platforms are already many and plural used by PC gamers. Like Steam, the most famous platform with a myriad of games they offer and a variety of features available. However, not only Steam, a popular platform for PCs there are also several other platforms such as Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Store.

Well, this time there is a new platform from a Japanese chat application manufacturer, LINE. LINE which is already famous with its chat application, is now trying to enter the realm of PC games, by creating a new platform called LINE POD. The Sinteticor crew has already tried this new platform, so how is the review? Come on, see the review directly below!


Because the LINE chat application is already very well-known in Indonesia and certainly most of you install it on a smartphone or PC like us, installing LINE POD feels easy because it integrates with the chat application that we use.

All you have to do is scan the QR Code on the official LINE POD website, where later on LINE chat will be linked to LINE POD's chat page. After that we can install it directly via the link provided.

After installing, because you already have a previous LINE account, you can simply do the same account without the need to create another account. And we will immediately be taken to the LINE POD software display on the PC, and the LINE chat application on the PC and smartphone will give notification that we have logged in. Oh, yes for users who have registered at the time of pre-registration, for the first 8000 users will get 15000 coins for free.


When I first used LINE POD, we felt that this platform was quite simple and easy to understand when using it, moreover it was available in Indonesian. At the beginning we are immediately presented with a variety of list of games that are on LINE POD, then there are also some notifications about updates and what the latest news is on this platform.

Then you can also choose various games that you want to install and play, currently there are only six game titles announced and only three titles are available and can be played, including ArcheAge, FreeStyle and Game of Thrones Winter is Coming. These three games are Free-to-Play games, where you can play them without having to buy them.

Oh, yes besides that in the news column about the LINE POD platform explanation, this platform will also provide mobile games later. Likely to provide cross-play features between PC and mobile. As we know, LINE also releases mobile games quite often, as the most famous is LINE Let's Get Rich.


This is a pretty interesting feature where LINE POD will interact with LINE Chat. You will get many offers and notification notifications directly through the application on your smartphone for LINE POD. So, you can manage your account directly through your smartphone.

Then you can use the Open Chat feature while playing, to chat with your friends and play together. You can also invite them to play games with you through LINE POD.


When using LINE POD, we immediately tried to install and play one of their flagship game titles, namely FreeStyle. FreeStyle is an online basketball sports game that will bring you together with other players and make teams and compete with each other in 3on3 games.

Although recently released, this game is quite busy and not difficult to play in matching. Not to mention, this game is quite lightweight and can be played on a PC with low specifications though. To purchase in-game items, you can also directly use the LINE Coin currency as a means of payment.


Because it is integrated with the LINE application on a smartphone, you can easily monitor your account even if you are not using it. Every time we use LINE POD, we will get a notification that we are currently logged in, as well as playing a game, we also immediately get a notification on our smartphone.

Well, the notification is available the option to log out directly if the login is not you who did it. So your account security can be easily maintained even if you are not currently using LINe POD.


LINE POD is a pretty good new breakthrough made by LINE. Although there are not many features and the list of games is still small, this platform has a clear and promising future projection, moreover they will connect between PC and Mobile gamers, certainly very interesting we wait. In addition, the integration carried out with Line Chat and direct monitoring via smartphone, shows a pretty good security guarantee, considering that data theft is very vulnerable in the current era.

That's the review of the LINE POD KotakGame version. So are you interested in using LINE POD on your PC? Or have you used and played it? Don't forget to invite your friends to play together too!