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"Necrobarista" Book Review - 5 Reasons Necrobarista is Just As Good As the Other Five


"Necrobarista" is the first of five books by writer David Weber. It is his first novel since his last novel "The White River of the West" and he has already enjoyed huge popularity on Amazon. This book is not just about one of the greatest fantasy writers in the world but it is also a fascinating look into Weber's creative mind. I have to say, even though the author is a writer of a different genre, the book still manages to enthrall me and captivate me with its storyline. Here are some of the reasons why it is just as good as the other books by Weber.

The world of "Necrobarista" is very unique and is made up of four realms, three of which are fictional. "The Desert Realm" is the land where the author lives and is the main source of the book's plot. It is located in the Sahara Desert and is ruled by King Mika of the Desert Realm, with his loyal Necrobarista army. Here, Weber's creative imagination really shines through in the storyline of the book.

"The Red Realm" is the fourth of the realms in "Necrobarista." It is also located in the Sahara Desert and is ruled by Queen Vayra, who is the most powerful Queen of all the realms. In this land, Weber's imagination really shines through as the story focuses on King Mika, his royal army and the Royal Necrobarista. In the book, King Mika and Queen Vayra get into an affair and are about to get married; however, Vayra has to leave for a certain period of time.

The fifth realm in "Necrobarista," "The Sky Realm," is ruled by Queen Deyna. This realm is located on the moon in the Solar System and is located in the middle of the galaxy. Deyna rules this realm with an iron fist and is the head of a powerful family, and it is ruled by King Vayra's daughter.

This book is the first part of the series of "Necrobarista," and I am really looking forward to the next in this series. As you can see, Weber has really created a unique world with "Necrobarista." The story is very well-written and has an interesting storyline that you will definitely not get bored with.

"Necrobarista" is the first book in the series, and if you have not read it yet, I urge you to do so right away. It is guaranteed that you will love this book. and you might even enjoy reading more of Weber's books.

TITLE: Necrobarista
GENRE: Indie
PUBLISHER: Route 59, Coconut Island Games, PLAYISM
RELEASE DATE: 22 Jul, 2020





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