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Valorant Review


VALORANT Review: Ripe Concept Collaboration!

Riot Games is an example of a case that is quite unique in the gaming industry. As most developers build their popularity and name through the quality of the various products they make over the years, Riot Games grows into a giant because of the success of just one name - League of Legends. The MOBA game, which has lived and survived for many years, has become the foundation of Riot Games supporters and is a name that is bound to it. Riot Games lives for League of Legends and vice versa. Therefore, it is not surprising that many gamers are curious when passing through their latest product, Riot Games want to get out of the "universe" that magnifies its name.

Starting as a game called "Project A" and then growing into a VALORANT game that has just become available on the market as a free to play game, Riot Games wants to try out their ability to mix other competitive games besides League of Legends. We meet new genres, new gamer markets, new challenges, and of course, new ambitions.

Moreover, VALORANT also feels trying to fuse the best elements of two competitive FPS game trends - those present in the Overwatch hero shooter concept and those who prefer mechanics such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. All of them are melted down in simple visualization quality and PC specifications are not too heavy which makes even an old PC, not difficult to handle.

So, what exactly does VALORANT offer? Why do we call it a game that carries a mature concept collaboration system? This review will discuss it deeper for you.

What is Valorant?

You who often enjoy competitive shooter games don't seem to be familiar with the concepts offered by VALORANT. His world was built from a story of the existence of special earth men who suddenly gained special power after a mysterious event called "First Light" surfaced. No one knows what "First Light" really is, but it does not just give power to some people, it also encourages a drastic transformation of life, technology, and the way government works. These special humans referred to as "Radiants" and those who are simply armed with Radiant technology were gathered by a mysterious organization called the Valorant Protocol.

Rest? Like games that are focused on multiplayer experience in general, the story carried by VALORANT will grow and develop as more events and characters are introduced in the future. One thing is for sure, this story is then translated into a competitive multiplayer game that includes two teams fighting each other, in the 5 VS 5 format. where one party tried to trigger a massive explosive device called the Spike, while the other team tried to prevent it. This is the main concept of Valorant.

The impression was strengthened because VALORANT also positioned them as part of your shopping strategy at the beginning of the round. Unlike Overwatch, where skills are always cooldown time-based, at least 2 of the 3 skills per Agent at VALORANT are like equipment you have to buy and refill when they run out. Only 1 of the 3 skills of each character that usually uses the cooldown system. This system produces a unique dynamic where gamers now have the choice to determine whether the money they collect for each round must be distributed to stronger weapons or fill their skills to gain their own advantages in battle. As for the Ultimate attack, it cannot be bought with money. Ultimate will be filled as more enemies you kill or by collecting energy orbs scattered in the battle arena.

This shooter hero concept gets pushed behind the scenes when you begin to understand that despite the uniqueness of each skill he carries, no character really has a clear specific role - like Mercy or Reinhardt on Overwatch. You will indeed meet an Agent who can recover by eating the souls of enemies he killed like Reyna for example, or characters who have the ultimate side that can make him resurrect dead characters like Sage, but you will not meet with a strategy game that is centered on them . Therefore, he made the composition of the team in VALORANT ended up not important. Whatever the composition of the team formulated, even when the enemy makes a last pick, the victory still depends on how skillfully they aim and shoot each enemy. All the extra skills that can be accessed by the Agent are like "bonuses" to make the arena and the sensation of battle feel a little different from the specific strategies that can be taken. But again, your battle planning will not depend on the composition of the Agents in the team.

Interestingly, VALORANT is also not exactly "hardcore" Counter Strike: Global Offensive itself. There is an attempt to maintain a similar sensation, but with the complexity handed down in the name of recruiting a wider market. There are many indications that we can find. As an example? There are fewer groupings and weapon variants so you don't have to worry about thinking hard about where you are collecting the money in each round. Most of these weapons also support the aim system so you can always kill enemies at a great distance. Another reason also arises from the spray system that he stretchers. Although you have to keep and set your shots on VALORANT, it doesn't end up as extreme as CS: GO. You can still shoot enough bullets with any weapon in the initial few seconds of the shot before the recoil takes over.

Then your experience playing VALORANT will indeed be more similar to your experience playing Counter-Strike. At the outset, regardless of whether you are an attacking or defensive team, you will find teams that are usually divided to move to several bombing locations which are also divided into different letters. The design of the VALORANT map must indeed be recognized more straightforwardly, where it offers more alternative routes to certain locations. At the beginning of the battle, you will find lots of skill throws here and there, most of which are designed to detect the presence of enemies or limit their viewpoints and movements. In just the first 30 seconds, you usually have an idea of ​​where the "hot" area will occur and the fighting will proceed quickly. The team that first touches the number 13 wins will be counted as champions.

Unfortunately, despite the intense and rapid battle sensation, VALORANT itself is not exactly perfect as a competitive game. Although it is likely that more brutal punishment will appear when Ranking mode is introduced, for now, there are no consequences or alternative solutions for AFK gamers. If this happens at the beginning, then this means you have to fight lame because of the smaller number of team members. There is an effort to make it more balanced indeed with the extra money that will be added to you every round begins, the amount depends on the number of players who AFK. But in the end, he will not contribute much if your skills at the beginning, it is already not comparable. Riot needs to think about this before AFK cases like this explode and destroy the experience of playing VALORANT.

Interesting but Not Enchanting Presentation

By reading the specifications of the official PC that he just stretched, then you already understand that like what they do in League of Legends, Riot Games priority is to ensure VALORANT to be played as many PC gamers as possible. Therefore, the visual presentation side is prioritized to keep VALORANT lightweight while still offering visualization that is at least interesting. As far as the eye can see, they practically do this job well. With a world design and atmosphere that is able to offer a circle of lore that has implications for the conditions of the world you live in, the thick cartoon flavor approach also does not diminish the charm of VALORANT itself. Even so, it does not mean it can be considered perfect.

Compared to other shooter hero games, especially Overwatch for example, Riot Games seems to have a tough task to offer more attractive hero designs especially for existing female characters. Most of the agents of the Agent he is currently carrying are so generic and standard that he doesn't feel special. You seem to have seen the design of these characters from various other media, with only a few modifications to make it special. The only character whose design deserves praise in our eyes is Viper, who looks sensual and deadly at the same time.

Other criticisms also deserve to be directed at the visualization of most of the skills that look similar to each other. One of them occurs with skills designed to block the enemy's view such as those of Brimstone, Jett, Viper, and Omen, all of which are like domes that exist for a few seconds. What makes it different is just the color. When all four of these characters are in a team for example, it's a bit ridiculous to see a map suddenly filled with domes of various colors at various points with visual characteristics that don't differ much from each other. Does not affect much to the gameplay indeed, especially some of the attacks "dome" also has other effects such as Viper's for example. It's just that it has to be admitted, it's not pretty.

The same thing needs to be considered to make their standard weapon designs different. Most weapons that can be used in VALORANT end up being a senapa with a fairly long barrel with a dominant black color. The bad news? Sometimes the difference between one weapon and another is only the difference in the length of the tip of the muzzle, which incidentally does not provide enough visual clue if you, for example, want to pick up enemy weapons that fall when they die. What exactly are the weapons you see? Is it worth exchanging your weapons now? VALORANT does give a description of what weapons you see if you direct the crosshair there, it's just that, in a situation that is precarious and full of panic, action like this is not exactly effective. There is hope to see the design of each weapon, especially for the SMG and Rifle to be made more different in terms of appearance or at least, carrying a clearer visual cue.

While in terms of audio, VALORANT provides a satisfactory quality. Sound not only plays a role in building the atmosphere, from the triumphant little music to the sound of weapons, but also becomes an essential clue to winning battles - like the sound of footsteps and also the sound of mounting Spike (bomb) as a source of information.

Which are interesting? There is an attempt to inject a bit of the personality of the characters by injecting voice-lines where they will issue certain comments when paired with other characters. But unfortunately, these comments are still limited at the time this review was written. Voiceline usually only occurs at the beginning of the game and unfortunately, it is not responded by the comment object. Interaction also unfortunately unfortunately does not occur during battle, either when one character kills another character or when they succeed in blowing up / taming the Spike. Riot Games has extra homework here if you want to make their characters more "shining".

As a game that combines two FPS game concepts in one space like this, VALORANT is indeed appropriately pushing itself to appear as an FPS game that has its own personality. Although they carry a gameplay system that is closer to CS: GO at the moment, hopefully they don't copy Valve's marketing style with it. For this matter, VALORANT should focus on what Overwatch has done over the last few years.

Title: Othercide-HOODLUM
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Lightbulb Crew
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Release Date: 28 Jul, 2020





Memory:4 GB
Graphics Card:Intel HD 3000
CPU:Intel Core i3-370M
Valorant File Size:100 GB
OS:Windows 7

Memory:8 GB
Graphics Card:NVIDIA GeForce GT 730
Valorant CPU:Intel Core i3-4150
File Size:120 GB
OS:Windows 10