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Warbound Storm

Warbound Storm, a war game for you the strategist

As a forerunner to the MOBA game, the RTS or Real Time Strategy game also has a lot of fans because of its complex game and certainly more strategy maneuvers that can be applied in the game. There are also many very famous games like World of Warcraft and Starcraft.

However, for mobile platforms, RTS-based games such as those on the PC are still not visible. Well, this time NetEase Games, which indeed often releases unique games, has now released Warbound Storm.


When you first play Warbound Storm, this immediately reminds PC games like Starcraft or Warcraft. You will play a 1v1 fight with other players, using the troops you have built. Here you will also make various kinds of buildings to make each troop different and also a protection tower.

Just like other RTS games, the purpose of this game is to collect as many scores as possible and also destroy the opponent's base. However, before you have to prepare an army with various abilities, melee and long range. Then you will also make troops according to your use, as a tanker, support or nuker.


Before playing, we will mix our troops in the form of cards by preparing them in the deploy column. Each card has the name and illustration of an existing Hero, attack stats and HP that he has, then there is an effective Hero counter he attacks.

Now, each card besides being deployed, can also be used as a fragment and combined or fusion with other cards to become a new card. However, if you combine cards of different quality, you will be asked to adjust the number of cards to be combined.

Each play, players can only carry one deck of cards consisting of eight cards in one deck. Therefore, try to bring the eight cards that complement each other's roles and can certainly be in accordance with the way you play and the strategies you apply. You can upgrade each card later to make it stronger.


As an RTS game, battle strategy is the key to victory. Therefore, after we have brought down the deck that we believe is in accordance with the strategy that we will play. After that, it's time to make the building and the path of the troops we will deploy. Also ensure that resources are always on point so that we can level up and get strong troops at the right time.

At the beginning you can also occupy a watchtower to get vision. Then immediately build buildings such as Light Barracks, Heavy Barracks, Air Barracks, Magic Tower and Crystal Mine to get crystal resources. Then also build various turrets that can attack the enemy forces when they enter your territory.

Then you have to set the course of your troops, like a tank running first, make sure the archer is in the back, and various other roles. You can also continue to build turrets and adjust their layout to be more effective.


As explained earlier, this game implements a 1v1 fight against other players' forces. Here also remains a competitive system, because there is a ranked mode that you can play and move up to become the top ranked player.

Well, later this rank will also determine matchmaking when you start the match. The system will choose the opponent that matches the ranking and stats, so the game will run fairly.


Real Time Strategy is a game that rarely exists in Mobile, with the presence of Warbound Storm will certainly satisfy gamers who like strategy games, especially for fans of PC age RTS such as Starcraft and Warcraft.

Not only, carrying the same genre as RTS on other platforms, Warbound Storm also presents many new features, such as deploy cards and fusion cards that do not yet exist in other RTS games. Then this game also has the potential to become a new esports event, because it has a competitive system.