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[Game Story] Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Jedi Fallen Order - Adventure to Planet Bogano and the Foreboding from the Past

"In essence, the Jedi are guardians of peace and protectors of the galaxy; they are born and are trained hard to carry out that difficult task. No matter how far Cal can run and hide, there will be a time when the sacred duty of a Jedi will call him. In Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Cal Kestis will be forced out of his hiding hole to carry the darma as defenders of truth. It is true that only the elect become Jedi.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is an opening story, epic chapters that tell the adventures of a Jedi Padawan Muda. Maybe for some people, this is just a game.

Cal Kestis is a great Padawan and the future of France is in his hands".

Welcome to Bogano, a beautiful planet that looks so. Bogano is relatively fertile, overgrown with the largest green grass. Geographically, if you pay attention, you are not in the lowlands, even though you see it that way. Cal was standing on a planet with high cliffs, ravines here and there that were somehow far away. Although it seems suitable as a camping or playground, Bogano land is inhabited by a number of dangerous predators as well. You can spend time grinding here up several levels if you're not bored. It was on this planet that the first stepping stone of Cal Kestis's epic adventure with Cere Jenda and Greeze. You will also go back and forth to this planet a number of times, uncovering a number of secrets from the past using your Jedi sense and picking up items too later.

Based on information provided by Cere Jenda, a Jedi he once knew had discovered this planet before the tragedy of The Purge. The Purge itself is a bloody history in the universe of Star Wars that tells about the war between the Empire and the Jedi. The war took many casualties, namely the Knights along with the small Jedi cadets slaughtered by Sith, assisted by defected Darth Vader. The previous Dart Vader was Padawan, student of Master Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. A classic but interesting intrigue and conflict.

Cere told Cal that there was the only person who succeeded in finding Planet Bogano and storing very important information on this planet. Cere also said the planet Bogano could never be found on any map, even though the Empire Kingdom did not know its location. So this is arguably a safe area as well as a good start.

Cal was told that the huge structure that towered over there, an ancient dome whose age was unknown for millennia, was believed to be the location where important confidential information was located to rebuild the Jedi Order. Cere told that only a Jedi who had a strong Force could pass the test ahead. The key word is test.

If you watched the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order in 2018, then you will know that Cal will always be accompanied by a small robot during his adventure. In Bogano this is the beginning of their meeting. In short, Cal asked about the Jedi in Bogano and BD-1 was excitedly running as if he knew where Cal was looking for. Going forward, the presence of BD-1 is indeed very important and by the way ... the biggest chests in Bogano and other locations during the game can only be opened by BD-1.

After jumping over the cliffs and hitting a number of enemies in the way, Cal arrived in front of the ancient dome soaring high. Access to it must pass through the road uphill which is quite sharp and full of mud. The outer dome walls provide a slightly strange, old-fashioned atmosphere, but it makes anyone curious to get in there. The walls are built from the past but are born from advanced thinking. It is true, Cal is uncovering fragments of the past, like a young archeologist and anthropologist. For now only Cal can do it.

The dome is indeed towering but not too wide when viewed from the outside. Strangely, as soon as Cal opened the door using his Force, a narrow gap that he passed actually brought him into a dome area that was wider than imagined, as if we had just teleported to another dimension.

Inside the dome there are many giant carvings that maybe Cal himself did not know what and how his history. There are strange languages ​​typical of other civilizations teruki clearly on the giant walls. BD-1 immediately ran to the middle of the dome and set a recording. An old man appeared and began to introduce himself; He is Eno Cordova, one of the Jedi Masters.

After introducing himself, Eno Cordova began giving a brief history and purpose for Cal or whoever was here. He informed that the Zeffo civilization had built the dome for millennia, but the ancient culture had long since disappeared without explaining why.

During meditating inside the temple, Eno Cordova had a vision or premonition of destruction, an apocalypse that would afflict the next Jedi Order. Through the recording log, he left a holocron that was deliberately hidden in this holy temple. The contents of the holocron are information about the identity of future Jedi seeds and their locations in all galaxies. That means some of the future Jedi candidates must be protected by seizing the information before the enemy.

Cordova explained that to be able to access the holocron, whoever she had had to pass a number of tests first; he who passes, deserves it. Cal is required to take Eno Cordova's own spiritual research journey. All the information and instructions needed are in BD-1's memory, that means the safety of this little robot also depends on Cal.

There are always instructions above dozens or even dozens of separate instructions waiting to be pulled by the red thread. Therefore, Cal's journey going forward will be very draining physical and energy. There will be moments where Cal's conscience and trust will be tested for his strength. Cal Kestis's hijrah is still long and far from complete.

After getting the information needed, Cal came out of the majestic dome and returned to Mantis. On the way home, BD-1 stopped in front of a red carving near the exit and started playing another recording from Eno Cordova. Eno said that Zeffo was interested in the dark culture of people living on the planet Dathomir where he thought the phenomenon was really strange and unusual. Yes, it is strange and adds to the complexity of the story.

Cere Jenda was standing in front of the plane and waiting for the report that Cal found about the Temple of the Zeffo. After they have talked on the plane, you must also be prepared to hurry to the next location, namely Planet Zeffo (But you may visit Planet Dathomir first, if you want).