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Recommended Best Online PC Games in 2020 During the Pandemic COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic did make most people suffer because they had to do all the activities including working from home. Social distancing becomes one of the temporary solutions until a cure for this virus is found. But everything will feel different because of technological developments that are now able to meet you with your friends through online.

Even so, many still complain that not meeting other people is like vegetables without salt. Feels incomplete and feels still boring. Therefore online games are made to solve all these problems.

Through online PC games, you can interact while playing with your colleagues, family, or crush. Making online interactions feel different compared to normal chatting through video call or telephone applications. Then, what are the best 2020 PC online games that are suitable to be played during the COVID-19 pandemic? Next we have prepared the list.

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition

Nostalgia, maybe that's what comes to your mind after seeing us put Age of Empires II Definitive Edition on the list. This Real Time Strategy game is different from the original iteration because it has a better visual appearance with today's modern PC support. You can build an empire to do wololo, if you understand what we mean.

Albion Online

Albion Online is an MMORPG game created based on a realistic economic system. It also has a class system that is very different from the others. This is because all classes you can try and play using only the weapon continuously. No, nothing is easy in this game because everyone needs a struggle. Make you who want to enjoy super complex games in terms of the system will be very satisfied when playing online PC games on this one.

Apex Legend

Apex Legends is one of the hero shooter games mated to battle royale. Each hero has unique abilities and their respective rolls are represented through an icon. Starting from the assault which is the type of attacker with the characteristic of running fast, to the support that can help your teammates. Unlike other battle royale games, Apex Legends has a very fast game. Makes you want to play it again, again and again.

Black Desert

Black Desert might be one of the most fun online MMORPG action games that other online games don't have. The reason is you no longer enter the skill in the shortcut slot which is generally at the bottom or top of the game, but only presses the key combination of your keyboard to remove it. Another feature is character creation which is actually a must have for all MMORPG games. Good visual appearance also makes a lot of people who don't think that this game is one of the games that was developed in 2010.


If you play Lost Saga, then Brawlhalla might be your alternative when you're bored. This PC battle arena online game has several heroes with their unique abilities. You can finish off enemies or throw them off the arena to win every match

Call Of Duty : Warzone

Although the battle royale genre seems to have been milked completely, but Call of Duty: warzone shows the opposite. Fast and distinctive gunfight gameplay by removing non-essential elements in the game makes Warzone one of the other unique battle royale online games with Activision's franchise characteristics. You who have never played multiplayer Call of Duty must play it in the midst of the current pandemic.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If you play the shooter game, Counter Strike Global Offensive becomes one of the games that you shouldn't miss. This is because the game has one of the most basic mechanics of shooter games in general. You will play Counter Terrorist or Terrorist and run their respective objects.

As a Counter-Terrorist you must protect bomb sites, certain areas, VIPs, or even save hostages. While as a Terrorist you must install a bomb, go to a certain area, and at the simplest finish off all Counter-Terrorist troops.

Counter Strike Global Offensive also has an esport that is arguably quite old but still survives to this day. There have been many professional players that have been spawned by this game, one of them is Shroud's "aimbot master".


Crucible is a combination of MOBA and shooter into one. If you have ever played a game called The Cycle, you might understand this game. The simplicity of this game will be forcing you and your teammates to fight to collect material to increase your level and fight over the main goal that ultimately leads you to fight other players who are doing the same mission. Despite experiencing many errors in its launch, but the developer finally managed to fix it.


You who don't have money to buy Monster Hunter World might be able to play Dauntless. This game is more or less exactly the same as the Capcom game. The thing that makes it different is the big, mechanical monster, to the visual appearance that is far more friendly to your semi-potato PC. One of the best PC online games also has a unique class with each ability depending on the weapon you are installing. Interestingly? He supports crossplatform play both PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Destiny 2

Treat various disappointments of fans in the first iteration, Destiny 2 successfully presents an interesting story about the war between the Guardians against Ghaul who took the light that became the source of the Guardian's strength. Since Bungie's split with Activision, the online game PC Destiny 2 has finally moved to Steam with the free-to-play business model with expansion options.


Dota 2 is the result of Valve's collaboration with IceFrog, one of the first Dota moders made from Blizzard's WarCraft III map builder. This game is the basis of the MOBA genre that you know until now. You will control your chosen hero in a battle of 5 vs 5 in an arena to destroy the cores of each team protected by various towers. Cooperation is one focus of this game. Therefore, each hero has their respective rolls, both tanks, carry, to healer. Dota 2 is also a game that has esports with the biggest prize in the world.

Dragon Nest

If you don't know Dragon Nest then you can say you are someone who has just jumped into the world of PC online gaming. Dragon Nest is an old MMORPG game that still survives to this day. The game created by Eyedentity Games tells the story of a god poisoned by his younger brother. The antidote can only be found in the Alteria world, and you will be assigned by a god to look for it.

Dragon Nest has an RPG action mechanic with dungeon crawling as an area that you can explore. Unfortunately, because dungeon crawling only has limited capacity, then you can't play it with many people like Raid. But the shortage did not cover that this one online game became one of the very exciting games to be played.


MOBA games or battle arenas with heroes as characters may be too ordinary to play. But what if what you control is a spaceship? Dreadnought can be the answer. You can be the space warship captain you normally see in sci-fi movies. There are various classes ranging from fast ships, sniper, to the most powerful but very slow, namely Dreadnought class. All of them need a strategy and quick decision to win the game in one of the best pc online games on this one.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy is no longer a foreign name to you because it is one of the current mecca of JRPG games because of its unique story and very complex mechanics. Although generally only labeled as a singleplayer game, Square-Enix has two online games that peak their attention on Final Fantasy XIV with content that has been updated to this day.

This paid MMORPG game sells stories and interesting content that is updated regularly, complete with all the characteristics of the franchise combined into one in the game. As a fan, you must enjoy it. Moreover, the crossplay feature between console and PC is one of the unique features that other similar games do not have.

Before you click the link below, we only remind you that Europe and America have no difference at all from the server and anything other than payment. This is because you can choose your own data center server and regional server when playing the game.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite was originally a base building co-op game with zombie hordes that will attack the headquarters that you painstakingly built. But it has instantly changed to a battle royale game since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released. As an online battle royale game, Fortnite has the same mechanics as the game made by Brendan Greene, but with a variety of unique things that only he has. One of them is base-building that is able to make you build any protection anywhere.

Guild War 2

Guild Wars 2 might be one of the premium MMORPG games that was finally made free after the first expansion was released. Unlike the other free PC MMORPG games, Guild Wars 2 has many mechanics that may not have been owned by similar games. That all your actions will have consequences. Either the city is destroyed or get XP while exploring a new place. This game also has a story that is not less interesting. Although in the end Guild Wars 2 also presented microtransaction, but because it was only limited to cosmetics, it was still understandable.

Heroes of The Storm

Unlike most MOBA games, Heroes of the Storm is a game that relies on the combination of abilities of each hero. This game will present a large number of heroes from the existing Blizzard franchise. Starting from Diablo, WarCraft, StarCraft, to Overwatch. You can play it like a regular MOBA game or the style of Heroes of the Storm. This is thanks to the unique map design that can actually speed up your battle so as not to drag on. In fact, the interactive map actually becomes the main key in playing every game.


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