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Deliver Us The Moon Review, Experience Being an Astronaut


Being an astronaut is a profession that has always intrigued me. Launching a rocket to land on the Moon, is something few people can do. But now I can get a little Astronaut experience from the game Deliver Us The Moon developed by KeokeN Interactive. This game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Gameplay: 9/10

At the start of the game, I was greeted by an introductory video that explained if the earth in 2059 experienced a very severe energy crisis. Previously, in 2030 the World Space Agency (WSA) was formed to find new energy sources. They also found a large reserve called Helium 3 on the Moon, then created a colony and collected these reserves. But the energy source that was transferred to the moon suddenly died mysteriously, communication also stopped. The WSA eventually closes permanently, but a small group of former employees work in secret to carry out a mission and send an astronaut to the Moon to find out what went wrong.

From here on out, we will act as astronauts who carry out the mission, alone. During the course of the mission, the player will be connected to Claire Johanson's radio contact and be directed by him. We will be tasked with launching a rocket before it is destroyed by a storm, then going on an adventure on the moon.

Interestingly here, I was given the experience of playing in a first person and also a third person, alternately depending on the scene / task to be performed !. The exploration is mostly handled from a third-person perspective, but some parts go first person, such as when the player launches a rocket, is in zero gravity or controls a small robot that can be activated in the middle of the game.

The scene that made me amazed when I first played, was when I was tasked with attaching a rocket to the space station on the Moon !, here I had to adjust the rocket so that it could connect with the bulang station, because of Zero Gravity it took me a while to successfully install it.

Initially players will only be given a puzzle that shows why the colony in the previous Moon disappeared which in my opinion is not too difficult, players only have to interact with the surrounding environment. Such as looking for instructions on how to open some doors, finding aids, and optionally watching, hearing and reading footage of recorded sound and video that is found.

Sure, we could just ignore most clues, and notifications, but that only gets us part of the story. Even though the player is directed by a narrative, the rest of the mystery is still discovered through the player's exploration and interest.

The second thing that amazed me was Zero Gravity !. One thing I love about playing space-based games is when players get the chance to float because they lose weight. We can move a full 360 degrees, crash into objects and watch them float realistically. Very cool!

This game also does not provide enemies to fight, but take it easy, it's not that "level", there are puzzles that also bring additional challenges such as we are required to find and carry machine resources, which are located quite complicated like behind many cables. or an area without oxygen that requires us to pass quickly and then where the engine is damaged so that the astronaut must be adrift in space with the oxygen depleted. Even though it's not an action game, Deliver Us The Moon has its own challenges which I find very exciting!

There is another best moment for me while playing, when I can explore the Moon !. Although it's a bit unfortunate that I can't do anything on the Moon, I can only enter the other stations. However, the feeling of exploring, driving, running on the Moon is great !.

Graphic: 9.3/10

Since I only know the skeleton of the leisure space station only from the media, I can't judge it accurately. But the visuals gave me a really good experience !. The whole space appearance and Moon feel is absolutely gorgeous. The objects around that bounce around in zero gravity can look so relaxed, as long as the player has enough oxygen to move around, the player can enjoy it. A variety of objects and surroundings react together with the motion controls giving you a very realistic weightless feeling. This visual is also equipped with supportive audio, so I feel the atmosphere of being completely alone in space.

Control: 8.5/10

In the PC version the controls are standard, using WASD to move, the letter F to press, pick up, and run a tool. The mouse is also used to scan found important objects. Even so, I still need some time to get used to when serving in space, I have a little trouble getting the character to stop where you want it, because zero gravity can be a little tricky.

Addictive: 9.5/10

Deliver Us the Moon makes me want to play again and again. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long to complete all missions. I hope there are a few more missions, which increase the duration of the game. When I'm done playing, I will most likely open the game again, and do different things like find new buildings that I can explore or find objects on the surface of the moon. It was like watching a movie I love again.


Deliver us the Moon is a great game !. If you like space-based games that encourage players to be adventurous and think lightly, I would highly recommend it. Visually this game looks amazing, mechanically it provides a realistic situation, and this game makes me want to demand more missions so I can play longer. I hope that the next game made by KeokeN Interactive will give you a new adventure, maybe go mars? ha ha. Deliver us the moon is not just an adventure game with a narrative, this game is very entertaining and arouses my interest in outer space. Therefore, we give a score for this Deliver Us The Moon game 9.