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Facts About the Game Science Made Project, Black Myth: Wukong

 After the release of a 13-minute trailer featuring the gameplay, Black Myth: Wukong managed to amaze gamers around the world. Automatically the name Game Science, the developer behind the game project in question, is in the spotlight. The reason is, no one would have thought that the studio, which debuted through Art of War: Red Tides, was "hiding" a game this great!

And recently, IGN China visited the developer's headquarters to dig more info about the project they are working on. The exclusive interview revealed a number of interesting facts about Black Myth: Wukong.

It is stated that the game development has been going on for two years. Black Wind Mountain, the area shown in the trailer, was cultivated for 6 months. The development team is targeting to launch their game in approximately 3 years (around 2023), although it doesn't have an exact date yet.

From a story point of view, it is said that Black Myth: Wukong will adopt the story in “Journey to the West” but in a darker nuance. During the game, gamers can use more transformations than what is shown in the trailer, especially in boss battles against giant wolves. Uniquely, the trailer also features three different “Wukong” figures! Which character will become the real Monkey King, will be revealed as the game progresses.

Surprisingly, Game Science targets a fairly short game duration, which is more than 15 hours. For the record, the Black Wind Mountain area is expected to be completed in 30-60 minutes, on the Normal difficulty setting. This is of course very unfortunate, especially considering the huge potential it has.

The developer said that Black Myth: Wukong was the first of three Black Myth titles they had planned. Later, each title will tell another popular Chinese legend. Feng-Ji, one of the Game Science co-founders, said that his party wants to create a Black Myth Universe like Marvel's MCU.

Unfortunately, Game Science plans to "disappear" for quite a while to focus on developing their game. This closes the opportunity to obtain additional details regarding Black Myth: Wukong in the near future. But, with so many applicants who are interested in joining the project, hopefully the results will be very satisfying.