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Remastered Command & Conquer Collection, Complete Nostalgia

In the past year, many publishers have revived their old franchises by remastering or remaking. The goal, of course, evokes nostalgia for the best games through the latest graphic quality.

 Unfortunately, there are still many shortcomings that make this remaster or remake a way to fill in the gaps in their work. However, not with the presence of the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection by Electronic Arts through the hands of Petroglyph Games, who is a former manager of Westwood Studios.

 This legendary RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre game is back on June 5, 2020. In this nostalgia package you get the Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert series which first appeared in 1995. In it there are three expansions, namely The Covert Operations , Counterstrike, and The Aftermath.

According to Sinteticor, Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is a must-have, why? Here are some of the reviews we made as reasons for you to include this game in the collection.

1. Nostalgic Quality Graphics Anytime

The quality of the graphics is the main attraction of this game. Petroglyph Games as the original studio for this game developer, who was invited by Electronic Arts to do a remastering again, understands that gamers often want to reminisce.

That's why Command & Conquer Remastered Collection doesn't immediately revive this game with 4K graphics quality as promised. You can still play it with old graphic quality that has been adjusted to the screen resolution of your PC or laptop.

 Westwood Studios seems to realize that it will be very difficult if gamers want to change the graphics quality from old to 4K via the Options menu and have to restart the game. Here we just need to press the Space Bar button for cotton to change the graphic quality style.

Not only here, gamers who want to see the accuracy of improving the quality of graphics can also zoom in in the game arena. On EA's official website, they claim to want to present their combat action in more detail.

2. Updated Game Controls

The control system or game control in Command & Conquer Remastered Collection has also been updated, not as rigid as games in the 1990s era.

 Petroglyph Games has provided a key re-mapping feature and provides a right-click button function for commands and attacks. The key-remapping feature opens opportunities for RTS gamers to present a distinctive style of play today.

The presence of this feature is clearly very beneficial because Command & Conquer Remastered Collection now provides online multiplayer features and a 1v1 leaderboard. So gamers can compete quickly in controlling the units in the game and launch various strategies.

There is also a Unit Queuing feature, we can give alternate orders to troop units in the game. So the controls in the game don't just make the gameplay easier, it's more strategic.

3. Online Mode and Map Editor and Mod Support

In the era of online or multiplayer games, it will get boring very quickly if this old game only provides single player story and skirmish modes. That's why the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection online mode is now available.

Here we can host and make rules and teams. If you want an easy matchmaking feature that can instantly enter gamers into the ongoing session

Petroglyph Games also seems to be aware of the current style of playing RTS games, especially esports. There are replay and observer features that can easily help gamers witness important moments in the ongoing game.

It feels incomplete if an RTS game doesn't provide a map editor. In addition to multiplayer and online modes, this feature will keep this game alive so it's not boring.

 The map editor allows every gamer to share the content they create in this game fan community. More fully, this game also supports gamer-made mods. Reportedly, EA also released the source code for this game, so anyone can modify the game.

4. Audio Quality and Complementary Scene Cut Nostalgia

The audio, both the sound and the accompanying music in the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection, is a nostalgia remedy that is no less powerful. Here, the audio from the accompaniment and narrator music in the middle of the game is learned to become more modern.

The good news is that gamers who still want to taste old audio can also access it via the Options feature. itself has switched from modern and old graphics and audio several times to reminisce and feel the difference.

There is also a Jukebox feature where you can create your own music or audio playlists that will be played in the game. Do not miss the impressions between missions in the Command & Conquer game series.

The resolution is only increased to fit the current PC or laptop screen. Although the style of the video is authentic, it gives off deep nostalgia.


Now we are talking about the drawbacks. Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is one of the most complete nostalgia that has ever played. But in remastered games there are always flaws, they keep the gameplay in them the same.

For example, we found AI in troop units will only attack when commanded. They will stay still when the enemy is approaching or are within effective range to attack. We are confused about whether this is a bug or the original version.

Several times the AI ​​unit in the game also stopped in the middle of the road while walking far to open a game arena that was still covered in fog, aka dark. AI is still having trouble finding a route to the point ordered.



Seeing its strengths and weaknesses, EA and the former creators at Westwood Studios clearly want to keep this game authentic by adding features or content that make it relevant and attractive to new fans.

Having shortcomings for a remastered game is something that can't be avoided. The features and content presented to refresh this game according to this are very satisfying. Sinteticor Crew highly recommends this game to have.