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5 Diseases That Often Appear Due to Frequent Playing Games

 Playing video games is indeed an exciting activity both for fun and for killing time. From children to parents, they like playing video games, especially now that there are many sophisticated devices that can spoil the eyes of gamers with very neat graphics. The hours spent are not felt when you are playing both alone and with other people. There are even those who are willing to sacrifice their rest time to play either to finish a game title, raise levels in online games, or just play together with friends.

This is certainly not good when the time that should be used for activities that are useful for body health such as exercise and rest is instead used for playing video games. Many bad consequences and illnesses will result from sitting too long and fixating on the video game screen. Here are the diseases that often arise.

1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This disease has long been associated with excessive computer use, so it is not surprising that it is also a physical symptom of video game addiction. According to research from the American Health and Human Services, a reasonable time limit for the use of computers and television monitors is two hours a day. When it crosses this line, the main nerve between the forearm and wrist starts to compress as a result of using the computer mouse which can also cause irritation and swelling. This occurs when the carpal tunnel - the area of ​​the wrist that houses the main nerves and tendons - becomes irritated or swollen. It can also occur when using the video game controller excessively.

In addition, the position of the mouse and keyboard placement is also one of the factors causing this disease. If the table height does not match the body position which causes the keyboard position to not be within reasonable arm reach, the wrist may be forced to bend it to adjust to the keyboad position, which in the long run may result in injury. Likewise with the mouse placement caused by the available table space.

2. Migrain

One type of headache that is often complained of by people living in big cities is the headaches that are better known as migraines. This disease generally attacks adolescents, both girls and boys, who have extra work so that sometimes they forget to eat and drink. It can also happen to people who spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, monitor, or just spending time in one day. Migraine headaches usually start in one place, slowly spread, and get more painful over time.

In severe cases, the pain can be so extreme that it causes the sufferer to feel nauseous and vomit. Usually it will be sensitive to excess light and noise which can cause excruciating pain. A person who plays video games for a long time is more prone to migraines because it requires intense concentration and strain on the eyes.

3. Sleep Disorders / Insomnia

Sleep can be divided into two types / phases, namely REM sleep and non-REM (NREM) sleep. In normal sleep, these two phases always occur with a duration of about 90 minutes per phase. NREM itself has 4 phases, of which the fourth phase is the deepest / deepest phase. REM phase is the fourth phase and is often called the dream phase. However, when the cycle is interrupted, or when a person does not experience normal REM and NREM cycles, the body will experience various adverse effects such as feeling tired, decreased ability to concentrate, impaired metabolism, and so on.

Sleep disturbances are caused, in part, by over-stimulation of the brain as a result of staring at screens for too long, which interferes with the timing and quality of sleep that should be. However, some people can't get a good night's sleep just because they think too much about the video game titles they play due to the effect of intensity when playing the game.

4. Back Pain

Back pain is a feeling of pain in the lumbosacral and sacroiliacal areas. This disease is a type of musculoskeletal disorder, which is caused by the use of computers beyond normal limits ranging from muscle and tendon weakness or neck and back pain to cumulative trauma. The most common causes of low back pain are sitting for too long in the same position, incorrect sitting posture - which is usually caused by the wrong position of the chair both its back and its position against the monitor, and excessive activity.

Back pain is a common physical symptom of people who are addicted to gaming because most gamers stay in the same position for hours playing a game title. Lack of body movement during gaming causes stiffness and pain, but it can worsen into chronic back problems.

5. Computer Vision Syndrome

This disease is caused by staring at the computer monitor screen beyond the reasonable time limit. Gamers who are too cool playing games generally forget about this for various reasons. Either because you are in the middle of a battle arena that cannot be stopped even for a moment to rest, are having fun chatting with your playmates, are curious about the storyline that the game offers, and many more reasons that make gamers feel at home staring at the monitor screen.

Some of the symptoms of this disease that often arise are headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, redness in the eyes, fatigue, eye strain, dry eyes, eye irritation, double vision, vertigo / dizziness, polyopia, and difficulty in focusing the eyes. These symptoms can be further exacerbated by improper lighting conditions (such as too bright monitor light) or air moving toward the eyes caused by the position of the fan.