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7 new features that will be FIFA 21's mainstay

After the release of the latest trailer for FIFA 21 some time ago, we finally know that this game from EA Sports will have several mainstay features in it. This is of course a weapon that the developer has prepared so carefully to defeat its main rival, PES 21.

Of course, FIFA 21 itself will bring some significant changes, considering that in the FIFA 20 series they received criticism from fans, and were labeled as the worst series of the simulation game by EA. Therefore, on this occasion we will discuss the 7 newest features that will become the mainstay of FIFA 21.

1.Volta 5vs5 New Version

Even though this feature was introduced by EA at FIFA 20 ago, Volta itself was unable to present a street football mode that had a distinguishing effect, due to the short story mode and online features that fans thought were still bad. Therefore, in FIFA 21, EA has prepared some big changes, especially in terms of online for Volta.

FIFA 21 itself will present the Volta Squad which allows you to play online with three of your friends in 5vs5 street football matches. Of course, with this online improvement, Volta can be an alternative feature for players to form their own version of the Street Football Ultimate Team.

2.Competitor Mode: Trying to Play with Pro Player

Maybe this Competitor mode feature will be one of the differentiators from FIFA 21 and its main rivals. Because through this competitor mode you will be given the opportunity to compete with one of the best FIFA players in the world, Tekkz and Msdossary. Even though these two players will only be present as ghost data, this feature is considered to provide a higher playing experience than playing with standard AI difficulty.

This idea is considered really fresh and very interesting, because it can be the most effective way to train FIFA 21 playing skills on a par with pro players. Guaranteed, if you can beat Tekkz and Msdossary, you can hang out.

3.Positioning Personality: Star Players' Original Skills

Although this one feature has often been heralded by EA in each FIFA game series, the Positiong Personality feature itself is called an updated version of this one feature. Where star players like Rahemm Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne will have special skills that other players won't have.

This in itself will be a little different from the basic abilities offered by FIFA, because the star players themselves will be made as similar as possible to the real world version, along with their skills. So when you play FIFA 21, you will be presented with stunning dribbles from Sterling and the ability of the playmaker with Kevin De Bruyne's accurate passes.

4. Significant Update for Career Mode

Finally, after all the Career Mode series will get a significant update on FIFA 21. So far, there are three new things that have been confirmed to be present in Career Mode, including a new growth system, a new training system, and a new transfer system. Let's discuss them one by one.

In terms of growth system, FIFA 21 gives your players the opportunity to change or update new positions through training. So you don't have to worry anymore about looking for coating players during the transfer season, because FIFA 21 itself provides an opportunity to give new positions to players in your squad through training.

As for the transfer system itself, it will present a feature called the activity management system and new initial set up options. This feature itself gives you the opportunity to leave your team's transfer affairs to the existing AI, where they will look for players who are tailored to their needs and patch the team's shortcomings. So that it will make the career mode more realistic, because transfer matters will be taken care of by the management.

5.Ai who is smarter

Although this feature has always been heralded by FIFA and PES in each of its newest series, FIFA 21 itself is said to present an experience against AI that is smarter and able to adjust the method you use. Especially in Career Mode, the AI ​​itself is said to have a style of play that changes every match.

A significant change is said to be on the defense side, where the defenders who are recognized by the AI ​​themselves will not move to fill the empty area suddenly like in the previous FIFA series. Let's just wait, what AI will be like in FIFA 21.

6. FIFA Ultimate Team Co-op Mode

Ultimate Team itself can be said to be one of the main weapons for the FIFA game series every year, therefore in this latest series EA confirms that FIFA Ultimate Tem this year can be guaranteed in Co-op Mode. With the FIFA Ultimate Team Co-op Mode, this allows you to play with your friends as a team in Division Rivals and Squad Battles.

Of course this is a significant change that could have an impact on FIFA 21 later, because with the addition of this element, it is hoped that in the future there will be a FIFA 21 competition which will use the Co-op system. Will be the pioneer of the co-op soccer game tournament, FIFA.

7. Fundamental Improvements Thanks to Fans' Feedback

Lastly, it seems that FIFA has really listened to the complaints from fans regarding the weakness of FIFA's games from the years. Complaints from fans regarding the gameplay response to the basics of football, such as manual headers, blocking and passing, will receive significant changes in FIFA 21. In addition, EA will also promise better online features in FIFA 21, considering that online features are the biggest source of disappointment for FIFA 20 fans. Although this is still very ambiguous, because there are no clear change parameters, at least we can draw conclusions, that FIFA 21 will be worked on more seriously than FIFA 20.