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7 Signs You Are Already Addicted to the Game

There are about 2 billion people playing video games worldwide. In Indonesia alone in 2017, there were around 43.7 million people playing the game (Source: Of course it's not surprising that 3-4% of the 43.7 million people are addicted to games. Especially at the end of 2017, WHO (World Health Organization) included game addiction as a list of mental health disorders.

So, for those of you who play games too often, you should be careful with the signs that we will give below, because here we will list some of the symptoms / signs of people addicted to games. Check out the article below.

1. Feel uneasy if you can't play

One of the most prominent things in the attitude of an addicted person is the intensity with which the person will play the game. People who are addicted will feel uncomfortable / uneasy if they can't play their favorite game. Think of it from the legendary mobile MOBA game / AOV. If he can't enter and complete the mission in the game in that one day, then he won't be able to stay calm for the whole day.

2. Priority in game play trumps other priorities

Never when you play a game, and are told to eat with your parents, or even your boyfriend you answer "Ah, wait". Well, these might be some of the signs / symptoms that you are addicted to games. People who are addicted to games, will forget other priorities when they play. He will feel more fulfilled when playing games, even though his basic needs have not been met.

3. Lying to friends / parents how long you played

When you are asked "How long do you play for a day?" and you answered "Ah, not only for a while, at least 30 minutes". Even though you can feel at home sitting still playing games for more than 2-3 hours a day. It could be that these are some of the signs / symptoms that you are addicted to playing games.

4. Choosing to play games instead of hanging out with friends and family

If you prefer to play games than with your family or close friends. Maybe you are addicted to playing. It is important to limit the time to play games, and the time to spend with family.

5. Dream about a game that has just been played

What else is called besides addiction if the game you play on that day can also appear in your dreams. Maybe it's time you put your console and cellphone down and start exercising.

6. Diseases such as Migraine, Carpal Tunnel etc.

There are several diseases that can be caused by playing games. For example Migraine / headaches that are caused by taking a long time to see a computer screen. Carpal Tunnel syndrome caused by computer use that exceeds reasonable limits which will eventually choke the nerves of the wrist, and many more. Check out the article "5 Diseases That Often Appear Due to Frequent Playing Games".

7. Insomnia due to playing games

This often happens to people who are already working or attending school. When you prioritize the time for playing games over time for your sleep. So you will often have insomnia and lack of sleep. This will result in a lack of focus in the morning when you are going to work.

The list above is a sign of people who are addicted to playing games. Maybe yes we can relieve stress from playing games, but anything that is excessive will have a bad impact, therefore play less games.