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Again, after 4AM in China, Virtus Pro is now creating a team of European All Stars

 A prize of up to 40 million USD has certainly triggered several team owners to own or fix their Dota 2 team. After running at least 3 Dota Pro Circuit Tournament, The International 10 is still a question mark about the timing of its implementation. But this is certainly not a problem. Given that Valve promises an announcement at least at the end of the year for clarity of their tournament series. Although many have protested about this.

Then there is interesting news from the CIS Realm. Where when rOtk, one of the competent coaches from China was caught opening a chat from the General Manager of Virtus Pro. Roman Dvoryankin looks to offer the position of Coach for ROtk. Not only that, Roman also leaked the Virtus Pro roster to rOtk. Of the five people, only four were leaked by Roman. 

The four people are:

1. Syed "Sumail" Sumail Hassan as Midlaner

2. Roman "Ramzes666" Kushnarev as Carry

3. Vladimir "No [o] ne" Minenko as Offlaner

4. Alexey “Solo” Berezin as Support

As for the Semi-Support position, Roman has not revealed the names of the players. But unfortunately, rOtk chose not to train this team. He said he wanted to take a little break because he tripped over the transfer issue between Vici Gaming and 4AM some time ago. It was enough to make him feel mentally tired. Until finally he decided to rest for a while. Roman also made concessions to rOtk, but still the coach from China refuses subtly.

Roman immediately confirmed that this was true. But of course he also had to find a replacement coach from ROTK. Will the new Virtus Pro be able to beat Team Secret's dominance?