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Hades : The Review

Supergiant Games? How many of you have heard the name of this developer? For those who have tasted their products in the past, their position as one of the best indie game developers in the gaming industry is not an exaggeration. Do not believe? See what they have to offer via Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. Not only because of the attention to the visuals in each of these titles successfully captures the fantasy sensation that is about to be carried, but also the attention to the musical side and the uniqueness of the gameplay that you have never encountered before. We're talking about a developer who has successfully melted sports games into RPGs, covered with a fantastic story and world via their previous project - Pyre.

But there is something different from the latest game Supergiant Games - HADES. Unlike the previous three series which came as a final product that gamers could immediately enjoy from beginning to end, HADES was offered in early access format first. Updates are made regularly with new features, enemies and areas injected into it.

After a long wait, version 1.0 is finally out! With the number "1.0", like most other Early Access games, it indicates that HADES is complete. This means, that almost all of the features and content they have thought define this title are finally available. For us? There is no better chance to jump right in, especially considering that no Supergiant Games game has so far been called “disappointing”. Fortunately, they managed to keep up with HADES.

So, what does HADES actually offer? Why do we call it a super duper addictive game? This review will discuss it more deeply for you!


Despite the title clearly bearing the name "HADES", HADES does not make Hades - the god of the Underworld from Greek mythology as the main character. What you play is the child - Zagreus, who throughout his life has only one mission and a dream, runs from the Underworld to go to Mount Olympus.

But as you can predict, this journey is certainly not easy. The Underworld itself is divided into several levels, each of which contains challenges that Zagreus must overcome. From Tartatus which contains so many strange monsters to Elysium, a beautiful place where the souls of knights reside, Zagreus' fighting skills are now the key. Even worse? Apart from the help of the Olympus gods who always lend their strength, Zagreus also has to pass through Hades's kstarias who are waiting at almost every end of the area.

As the son of the god lord of the Underworld, death was not a "problem" for Zagreus. For every defeat he had to swallow, he would come back to life in a pool of blood while retaining all the memories that had occurred in the previous escape attempt. Support for his escape did not come from the Olympus gods alone, but also some of Hades' subordinates who did not hesitate to share more information about Olympus and tips for a more effective escape. One piece of information was even enough to change Zagreus' main motivation.

Then, can Zagreus escape from the Underworld? What kinds of challenges did Hades prepare? What new motivation is now driving his action to run away? You will of course have to play HADES to get the answers to these questions.