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Here's How Easy Gamers Get Money from Steam

For fans of PC games, of course you are already familiar with Steam. Yep, this game distributor platform makes it easy for developers and publishers to market their games until they reach your hands. But, did you know that you can actually get money from Steam?

So, how do you get money from Steam? There are many ways to get money from Steam itself. Are you curious as to how? Instead of you being curious, let's just take a peek at the method.

Selling Card

The first way to get money on Steam that you can try is by selling cards. In this platform, there is a kind of reward that you will receive when you play games on a PC. The form of this award is usually a card, so you can sell this card and then cash it. Here's how to get money from Steam to buy games and items through selling cards:
  1. Open the Steam website.
  2. Open your account page, usually located at the far right of the menu display.
  3. Select the inventory sub menu. You can see the cards provided by Steam and items from the game on the PC.
  4. Select the Steam menu on the far left. In this menu all the cards you have will be displayed.
  5. Click the card that you want to sell. But the price is also not expensive, only around Rp. 500 to Rp. 2,000 only. But it is very useful if you have a large number of cards.
  6. On the right, namely in the information menu, click "sell".
  7. On the sell menu, the card price will appear and many people are interested.
  8. You can also set the selling price yourself, click on “you receive” and type in a number. Make sure the price is not far from the existing price.
  9. Don't forget to check the agreement.
  10. Click put it up for sale. Then your card will be sold, and the balance will automatically increase when someone buys it.

Sell All Un-used Item

Apart from selling cards, instead of just filling up your inventory, you can also sell some unused items. Here's how:
  1. Open the Steam website.
  2. Open community then select market.
  3. Select sell an item.
  4. Click the item you want to sell, then click sell.
  5. Determine the selling price, then click put it up for sale.

Investing Items

Like an economic concept that tends to increase in price when demand is high, you can also take advantage of this concept to make a profit on Steam. The trick, buy items that you are sure in the future the price will go up.

For example, Skin Dota 2 is an Immortal type whose price is likely to increase within a certain period of time. Especially if Dota 2 has just released the latest item from the hero. Usually there will be many players who hunt for these items.

Take advantage of the Community Market

The next tip for getting money on Steam is by using the Community Market. As you know, in Steam, there is a feature called Community Market. With this feature you can trade items from certain game titles. You can use this feature to get USD coffers. If you're lucky, you can get rare items like the CS: GO skin, which sells for thousand of USD.

Make Booster Pack

The last step you can try to do to get money from Steam is to create a Booster. To be able to make Booster you need a little capital to buy cards. After you have a card, then you can destroy it then turn it into Gems.

So, these gems are what you can use to make Booster Packs. Once done, go for the Booster Pack. Usually the cards resulting from the Booster Pack have a higher selling price.

That's how to get money from Steam, Interested in trying? Stay tuned for interesting information about games, gadgets and anime only at Sinteticor.