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Lords of the Fallen Review: Not As Hard as Dark Souls!

Lords of The Fallen has indeed become one of the most anticipated action RPG games this year. Although born as an "indie" project, it is able to offer an appeal that seems hard to resist, especially from the quality of the visuals it offers. Gaining sufficient attention from the outside media, Lords of the Fallen is building its popularity slowly, but surely. After its release, it was also known as one of the games that was reinforced with Denuvo's phenomenal anti-piracy system, making it unmanageable until recently. But unfortunately, the impression he offered us was not as good as imagined.

Those of you who have read our preview before, of course, already have a little idea of ​​what is the source of our main complaint. That's right, it's a technical problem that makes the PC version of Lords of the Fallen that we tried this hard to enjoy. Playing it on a rig with specifications that are above the recommended needs, this game doesn't seem to be able to run without crashing at all. Glitch that made us thrown out of the world, twice experienced lost saves, crashes, gameplay bugs, to other problems that made us have to repeat from spinning in the same area for no apparent reason. Combined with the high difficulty level of the game, all technical problems become a burden.

So, what did the Lords of the Fallen actually offer? Why do we call it a game that is not as difficult as Dark Souls? This review will discuss it more deeply for you!

Lords Of The Fallen

The Plot

Have you ever imagined what happens when man rebels against God himself? That greed for freedom eventually led people to find a way to do this. Through a trap, humans managed to kill God in the hope that they could determine the fate of their own world. In his last breath, he created a gigantic mountain which was known as the Hand of God Mountains. However, what this human had hoped for would turn against him. Thousands of years after this one terrifying event, the Lord came back to life with one main mission - revenge. He waged war on humans.

A hero with a dark past, this sentence seems appropriate to deduce who Harkyn really is - the main character you use. In a world that is said to have no forgiveness at all, Harkyn - a criminal released from prison with a mission to save humans who are waging a war that looks impossible to win. All Runes in the form of tattoos engraved on his face is a kind of proof for all the crimes he had previously incised.

Looking for redemption, assisted by the closest mentor - Kaslo, Harkyn began to struggle to beat back the army of monsters and demons born from a dark world named Rhogar. The battle that brought him into this creepy world. It's a cliché, but this storyline is what Lords of the Fallen offers. You will bring Harkyn to fight from one place to another, while trying to subdue the demon troops he meets, from just lowly soldiers to giant generals who are ready to finish you off so quickly.

So, what kind of journey should this Harkyn take? Will he be able to repulse this demon army that is about to destroy this human race? You can find the answer to this question by playing Lords of the Fallen.

Like But Not As Difficult As Dark Souls

It's really hard not to compare Lords of the Fallen with the flagship RPG action game from From Software which is famous for its difficulty level - Dark Souls. Why? Because from the first time you play this game, you will really recognize the similarities between the two. Or in other words, how can CI Games try to offer a product that "counters" Dark Souls with a more modern visual quality. Those of you who have tasted Dark Souls in the past will easily master Lords of the Fallen because the essence offered is practically the same.

As with most RPG action games today, you will be given the opportunity to choose the type of magic and equipment that will determine your fighting style throughout the game. The choice of weapons itself is not much different from the class system in other RPG games. You can still change types of weapons in battle, but if you use the weapon according to your first choice, there will be its own unique buff. The weapon you choose will also determine what initial attribute point distribution you get. Apart from weapons, you will also be asked to choose what kind of magic will accompany your action. Take it easy, there is a very clear description to give you an idea of ​​the magic variations and their effects.

Facing Giant Monster

In terms of gameplay mechanics, those of you who have tasted the Demon Souls or Dark Souls series will be faced with a similar mechanic. Lords of the Fallen will use timing to attack and defend as the spearhead to win every battle. You can't expect to be able to survive by just attacking blindly, especially when dealing with enemies who have super large weapons and shields. You have to try to learn to find loopholes about when is the best time to attack, run, defend, and do the best damage you can. The process is not easy, of course, because you are required to learn and go through a series of trial and error processes. One little step, then life is at stake. Because on the other hand, every enemy attack that enters your body will produce quite threatening damage.

Not only do you have to learn about enemy attack variants and exploit loopholes, you are also required to learn about your own character. Why? Because along with the modifications you make for him, your character will also change and affect the movements he produces - especially about animation speed and weight. As a game that focuses on timing, these two elements are a factor that must be considered and Lords of the Fallen executed this very well. Different weapons mean different animation. The heavier the weapon, the slower the movement of your weapon will be even with greater damage.

Using different weapons means creating different attack anticipations to ensure that your weapon lands at the right moment. Weapons such as a giant hammer will take time to swing to land on the enemy's face, while a dual-wielding dagger, for example, can launch instantly. Not only weapons, the variety of equipment you wear on Harkyn's figure will also affect the total weight he has to carry. The heavier the equipment, the higher your ability to withstand the damage. But in exchange, you have to sacrifice speed and agility to move. Appropriate or not? The decision is directed at you.

However, Lords of the Fallen did not immediately copy all the charms of Dark Souls from the mechanical side. It offers a new variety of attacks which is represented by the presence of a new equipment called - Gauntlet. In the form of a giant glove on his left hand, the Gauntlet which can be accessed by sacrificing a number of magic bars can be positioned as an extra ability to throw projectile attacks. Through three variations of attacks that you can choose from, Gauntlet is able to launch long-range attacks with significant damage. The good news? The Magic Bar which is the main resource for accessing this attack can also regenerate by itself. Comes with a system like this and focuses on developing it, you can kill enemies remotely, before they even know it.

The progress of the characters offered is also quite different. You will indeed still gain a myriad of experience points via the enemy that you have successfully subdued or the side quest that you have successfully completed. You can distribute the experience points you get to two different elements - unlock and strengthen existing magic or fill attribute points to be distributed to strengthen your own character. With an attribute system like this, you have the freedom to create the character you want. A rogue with super thick blood? Or a warrior with high movement speed? Very likely. But it should also be noted, this attribute will also determine whether you can wear certain equipment and of course - get a certain attack buff from it.

So, what makes us call this Lords of the Fallen easier than Dark Souls? One thing that is quite influential is the rhythm of the game which feels slower. There are also not too many enemy attack movements and animations, making it easier to dodge, trick, with tons of gaps to exploit. Defending using the existing shield is also quite effective at reducing the damage you receive, increasing the level of survivability. With a checkpoint system that is also not too far from each other, and a Gauntlet that you can use to deal damage from a distance quite effectively, the feeling of threat is not as big as Dark Souls. Lords of the Fallen is more geared towards testing your patience.

Your death will also have certain consequences. You will drop the experience points that you have previously earned and the amount will continue to decrease over time. If you die before you manage to take these experience points back, it will just disappear and you will need to do the grinding again. The good news? Grinding is also not a difficult matter in this one game. Once you are killed, all enemies will reset again and wait to be killed again for extra experience points. So if you are not too confident about being able to make certain progress because the character doesn't seem strong enough, you can do farming exp quite easily. Moreover, Lords of the Fallen also carries a reward system that will increase the number of experience points you get for each enemy that you successfully kill in a row before dying. The opportunity to strengthen yourself and make your next trip easier is always open.

One that is quite interesting is the world he offers. Even though they come with designs that are not much different from one another, the world that you can explore on your own is quite wide. There are many branch paths outside the main storyline that will bring you lots of other surprises - from sidequests, chests full of items and equipment you might need, to portals that will take you into challenges that are quite difficult but end up in sufficient loot. satisfying. It's a little confusing, but this exploration is something that will pay off if done safely.

Full of Technical Problems!

Reading the various comments in the previous preview article, such fatal technical problems seem to occur for some groups of gamers, and we are one of the unlucky ones. Some JagatPlay readers have mentioned that the game ran very smoothly for them, without even dealing with a series of technical issues that we complained about. While on the other hand, what we mentioned in the previous preview article also continues in this review article. There is never any certainty what exactly happened and what kind of solutions should be taken to overcome this technical problem. To be sure, he appears like a gambling table with a low probability of winning. Things that caused crashes in the past can suddenly run smoothly the next day for no reason, then crash again without explanation.

With solutions in cyberspace that do not lead to a definite solution, then we ourselves have started to act like a clairvoyant fortune teller full of speculation. After the technical problems that we passed previously in the preview section, a bigger challenge arose. Enter one of the portals and try to get out, this Lords of the Fallen game will crash every time we do this action. There was no way out at all. Every time we wanted to use the portal, we were kicked out. Lowering the visualization quality to the lowest level doesn't help much. We tried everything, uninstalled and filled, until it was full of frustration to make this game run in a "borderless window". And voila! this game suddenly went smoothly. We think we've found the best panaceas. Then meet the boss after that, and crash again. We raise our hands.

It's a bit strange indeed, finding the fact that there are some gamers who can play this game without problems on PC, while others like us should feel frustrated because of it. Of course, this really hurts the existing gaming experience, because random crashes like this could make you have to go through the same boss battle again if it happens. CI Games still hasn't provided any official comments or any recent patches. Technical problems will be one of your biggest considerations before buying the PC version of Lords of the Fallen.


Great visualization
Challenging gameplay
Heavy sensation executed well, especially when using giant weapons
Opportunity to do grinding exp if needed

Random bugs, glitches, crashes
Annoying camera system
What a cliché story
The enemy design is not that cool
Slower gameplay rhythm
Weak characterization