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Not only good at soccer, Neymar successfully wins 1 vs 5 in CS: GO

Neymar, hearing that name would definitely refer to the Brazilian soccer star. Maybe it's still rare to know that the professional athlete who is currently defending the team from France, namely Paris Saint-Germain, is a hobby and even likes playing games, especially Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

While football stars or even celebrities in western countries have a fever for Fortnite, Neymar still survives to play CS: GO. Even the game can be said to be good. Through his Instagram account, he shared a clip while playing CS: GO. What's interesting is that in the clip Neymar managed to return the situation when his position was the only one in the team.

In this match Neymar also played with several other soccer players, such as Gabriel Jesus, Lucas Lima and Bruno Agnello. It turns out that soccer athletes also have good potential to become esports athletes if you see Neymar's game which is on fire.