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Previously a virtual character, Seraphine is now the new hero of League of Legends

 Riot never stops making surprises when it comes to announcing something. They previously created Seraphine. A virtual character who is good at singing and often provides covers of songs that spoil the ears. Many people speculate that Seraphine will become a new hero in League of Legends. However, after all this time finally the certainty came.

Along with the Worlds 2020 event, Riot announced that Seraphine will be the newest character. Not only that, the release of Seraphine was immediately accompanied by the K / DA ALL OUT skin. He gets prestige skin directly with K / DA members. It looks like Seraphine himself will be the newest member of K / DA.

For his skills and abilities, there is no recent record from Riot. They only said that Seraphine will be on the Test Server at the end of this October. However, many have speculated that Seraphine is a Utility Mage. Where he can fill Role Support and Midlaner. This of course will make Seraphine into the ranks of META.

We should wait for how Seraphine debuts. What do you think?