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Rising Force Online Remastered

One of the best online PC games has been "shut down" by a publisher in Indonesia, namely Lyto. I don't know what made Lyto shut down the Rising Force Online game server or commonly known as RF Online. However, the game was finally brought back to life under the name RF Online Remastered in 2020.

For those who often play online games, RF Online must be familiar. This game will invite you to play as a nation, namely the Accretia Empire, Bellato Union, and the Holy Alliance Cora.

The three nations have their respective specialties. Accretia with Launcher weapons, Bellato with robot armor, and Cora with his animus. Even so, you don't necessarily have to choose that job, because there are many more jobs in each nation that can work hand in hand in war.

What makes this game fun? Every day, you will be invited to fight to destroy the opponent's tower. What makes it exciting is that there are only three odd nations. It could be, your nation will be attacked by two nations at once. If you win the battle, there will be resources that you can mine for several hours. Resources are needed to make your nation stronger.