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5 Video Games That Hate By Its Creator (Part 1)

Creating a video game is certainly not an easy matter. It takes more effort and concentration to produce an extraordinary work. For a creator who can finish his own video game, that would certainly be a good thing.

But, what happens if the game that has been completed is actually considered bad by the creators themselves. At least there are various reasons behind this where the creators are finally fed up with the games they create themselves.

Some of them even deleted the video game on the platform where it was launched to the public. Are you curious about what video games the creators hate? Sinteticor already has the complete list. This is the review.

1. Dong Nguyen – Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

2013 was a phenomenal year for a game called Flappy Bird. Yes, the game was considered one of the most difficult games at that time and was a challenging game to complete. Because of its virality, this game certainly benefits millions of US dollars for its creator, Dong Nguyen.

Unfortunately, the game, although phenomenal and has many players, has also been criticized for being difficult and unrealistic. People in the online community are angry with this simple game.

The anger of people who are not comfortable with Flappy Bird has even gone to a crazy stage where the creator, Dong Nguyen, is personally blasphemed, harassed, and threatened with death for his own game.

Despite his great success, Dong Nguyen immediately withdrew the game. He later said he hated the game.

2. George Fan – Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies

George Fan became one of the game creators who hated homemade games. He saw a discrepancy with the Plants Vs. The Zombies he made. In the past, Plants Vs. Zombies became one of the games loved by people before PopCap finally made it a flagship game.

After PopCap made it a mainstay, EA got interested and made PopCap one of the studios under its auspices. After entering EA, Plants Vs. Zombies was then turned into a game that has microtransaction to make it profitable in the long run, Unfortunately, this contradicts George Fan's desire to view video games as something to be fun without involving microtransaction. An interview regarding displeasure with the condition of Plants Vs. Zombies under the EA banner got him fired.