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5 Video Games That Hate by Its Creator (Part 2)


3. Peter Molyneux – Fable Series

Fable Series

Yes, he is a person who hates his own game creation. Fable Series is one of the open world RPG games that has many fans. But unfortunately he actually hates the game he made for no apparent reason.

When Fable first launched, he said he hated it before Fable 2 came out. Then when Fable 2 came out, he said that Fable 2 was a trash game before the release of Fable 3.

Likewise so on. He said this was in order to provide a marketing boost for the latest Fable game to be released. Of course this is not the best point of view that we can imitate.

4. Leslie Benzies – GTA V


Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is one of the most phenomenal games ever. This game has even succeeded in gaining tremendous profits on every platform that it visited. Something which is certainly very difficult to imitate by other games.

But who would have thought, in the midst of his greatness, one of its creators, Leslie Benzies, actually hated this one game. Crazy, Benzies is not new to Rockstar Games. He has worked at Rockstar North for many years. So what made Benzies hate GTA V?

It turns out that what made him hate GTA V was because of something that was quite ridiculous. Yes, when making online Mode in GTA V, he devoted almost all of his time and was not compensated at all by the company.

But in fact, the compensation that Benzies asked for was not small money but money of US $ 150 million. This request then became a big problem in the realm of law. It was later discovered that Benzies was excluded, but was entitled to a few percent of GTA Online's huge profits.

5. Jim Bagley – DOOM (Sega Saturn)

Doom Classic

Jim Bagley is one of the most genius game creators ever. In the past, he was tasked with bringing DOOM classics for release to Sega Saturn. He is so good at managing the system that it allows him to enter some code that makes this game run at a frame rate of 60fps.

Of course that was a wonderful thing in the past! But unfortunately, John Carmack, who had previously developed the DOOM game, also told Bagley to delete the code because he thought any code was not allowed in the DOOM game.

Bagley who felt this was ridiculous said that he felt like he felt bad every day when he remembered Sega Saturn's version of DOOM.