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Best Build for Barbara in Genshin Impact

Barbara may not have any offensive potential at all. But that flaw was replaced by a reliable healing ability.

Barbara is one of the Genshin Impact characters that many people might have. When this article was released, he was a character that you could get for free if your account had reached a certain level. But even though it's free, that doesn't mean it's a bad character. On the contrary, he is a very reliable character if you need a dedicated healer on your team.

Being very good at one and only one function / role, Barbara also has a fairly simple build. More precisely, he only has one build direction to maximize his potential and abilities.

Barbara's Weapon

Barbara's Weapons

Barbara is a Genshin Impact character who deserves to be described as a pure healer. All of his abilities revolve around heal, and the heal effect gets stronger as Barbara's maximum HP increases. That's why in any lineup it always has one function, namely support that enters to heal then leaves. This also makes the choice of weapon for Barbara very easy.

Prototype Malice: The best weapon for Barbara is the four star weapon that you can craft in Blacksmith. The Malice prototype provided everything Barbara needed. The HP bonus from this weapon makes Barbara's Elemental Skill and Burst stronger, then the weapon's effect also makes your Elemental Burst give an additional heal effect.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers: If you still don't have the materials to make Prototype Malice, you can use Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. This three-star weapon also provides additional HP to Barbara. In addition, the effect is also suitable for the style of play, namely giving bonus attacks to characters who change their position in battle.

Artifact Barbara

Barbara's Artifacts

Barbara is installed only to carry out one role and only needs to add HP to strengthen that role. That's why he only has one set to catch up. In addition, you only need to find one attribute for each Arifact you are looking for, namely HP% and HP. In addition, if you are lucky, Energy Recharge and Defense can also help.

Maiden Beloved (4): This is the must-have set you should look for Barbara. The two effects of Maiden Beloved will improve Barbara's healing. This means that he can carry out his duties better.

Team Setup for Barbara

It is undeniable that Barbara is a very reliable healer that is very easy to use and can be included in any team. But because it can only provide heal, it can hardly contribute anything both in terms of damage and utility. This means that when using Barbara, your team actually only uses three characters plus one healer.

If you want to maximize Barbara's presence in the team, you have to take advantage of her position as a Catalyst character with Hydro elements. Cryo and Electro characters will certainly make Barbara more useful because she will help activate Elemental Reaction. Chongyun, Kaeya, Keqing and Razor are some examples of characters who can take advantage of the Wet effect of Barbara's attacks and Elemental Skills.

One character that we give a special mention is Beidou. Just like the characters we mentioned above, Beidou can also take advantage of Barbara's Wet effect. But what makes Beidou special is that he has the ultimate that makes character attacks in battle have an Electro effect. This allows Barbara's attack to instantly Electro-Charged the target, and generates an Electro effect to other nearby enemies.