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Counter Strike Global Offensive gets an update, add 2 new maps!

Since the Covid-19 Virus became a Pandemic in almost all of the world, several offices or companies have recommended working at home or what we know as work from home, since the recommendation was issued to break the chain of spreading this virus, you could say that their entire traffic platform is direct soaring up, just like Steam, one of them in the Counter - Strike Global Offensive game. In March it was noted that Cs Go has broken the record for the highest player again, which was the peak of the player to reach 1,145,972 Players recorded in March. Which is caused by the suggestion of Work From Home.


Then recently CS: GO gave an update, one of which appeared 2 new maps named, "ANUBIS" and "CHLORINE" which have been designed by, the community which at that time, was holding a contest for 5V5 in an exotic venue, hosted by Mapcore. You can play both maps in Casual, Deathmatch, and Scrimmage modes.

You can see this map through a youtube channel called BananaGaming, and he also explains some of the updates that have appeared in this latest update such as the new Case, and explains the two new MAPs.

Now that's the news I can convey this time, so how do you comment about the 2 newest maps, will you try it right away? Or have you tried it, please write your comments in the comments column.

New Map : ANUBIS