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How to Improve Cyberpunk 2077 Performance on PC Platforms

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most awaited games in 2020. However, unfortunately, the hype that has been built just dissolves. Even though it has been profitable from the sales side even before this game was released, in terms of customer satisfaction, Cyberpunk 2077 is very disappointing.

Many gamers have complained about bugs and the quality and performance offered on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Not to mention the PC version which also has unpleasant performance for some gamers, making Cyberpunk 2077 the main headline.

Even for the console version, there is a refund policy offered even though gamers have played it for more than two hours. CD Projekt Red apologized for what happened and promised to provide a patch to fix the game.

Unfortunately, the patch that is given also gets a lot of complaints because the file size is very large and burdens the hard disk. But for PC gamers, you don't need to worry considering there are other tips to improve the performance of the game besides the update from CD Projekt Red.

There are two solutions that you can take, starting from tweaking the configuration file to making special settings to optimize the game. If you are curious, Sinteti-Crew will discuss it for you.

Tweaking the Configuration File

The first tip that some people think is quite effective is to tinker with the configuration file. This method will optimize several things and make this game run smoothly later. One of the Reddit users, ThePhoenixRoyal, provides everything you should pay attention to when configuring.

For those who play this game on Steam, you can change the files located in this section:

                Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Cyberpunk2077 \ engine \ config \ memory_pool_budgets.csv

When you find the memory_pool_budgets.csv file, you can open the file using any text editor like Notepad for example. Then when you first open it, you will see the PoolCPU section has a size of 1,536 MB allocated to run the game.

Of course, that number is still small because Cyberpunk 2077 requires you to have 8GB of memory as the minimum requirement. For PoolGPU, you have an allocation size of around 3GB VRAM.

For those who want to improve the performance of the game, you can use half the capacity of your RAM. For example, if you have 16GB of RAM, it's a good idea to increase the PoolCPU figure from 1,536MB to 8GB. You just need to adjust it to the size of your RAM.

As for PoolGPU, you have to look at the VRAM your GPU has, if you have a 6GB VRAM size, you can increase it to 4GB-5GB. If you use a high-end GPU like the RTX 2080, gamers can increase it to 8GB. In essence, everything is set depending on the amount of VRAM your GPU has.

After tinkering with the file, just save and then run the game. You can see for yourself how the results will be affected or not. Because the results obtained may be different for everyone, especially this is not a common way.

But the majority of gamers admit that this method is powerful enough to improve performance.

In-Game Visual Setting

The next way that you can do besides tinkering with the configuration file is by making visual settings in the Cyberpunk 2077 game. This method can be another solution if you are afraid or not confident about the first solution.

This guide was presented by Digital Foundry, who is an expert in discussing visuals in the game. In fact, according to Digital Foundry, it is reducing or even using settings that do not have a significant impact but consume a lot of performance.

Screen Space Reflections and Ambient Occlusion are what you have to set low even though you are using an RTX GPU from Nvidia. This step can be done because it produces good visuals without sacrificing much of the performance of your GPU.

Then for Volumetric Clouds and Colow Precision are two things you can set medium or Ultra. You can actually do this setting. The choice of Medium setting is better than low because if it is low, the visual changes will be felt.

Next is Local shadow quality, cascaded shadow range, cascaded shadow resolution, and distant shadow resolution, you can set High. The calculations are that even though the setting is High, there is no meaningful performance penalty against that setting. In short, whether you want Low or High settings, the performance is the same.

You can apply some of these settings to improve the performance of Cyberpunk 2077, if you are confused, you can watch a video from Digital Foundry to make it more complete below: