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Sakuna Review: of Rice And Ruin, Hidden Gem in 2020? (part 1)

Sakuna of Rice and Ruin

Sakuna: of Rice And Ruin was actually first introduced since 2016. But this game only really caught the attention of many people at E3 2019 thanks to its beautiful visuals. But apart from the visuals, this game also has one other uniqueness, which combines two-dimensional action platformer gameplay with farming simulations, or rather simulations of planting rice / rice.

Since it was shown in 2019, this game has entered into one of my watchlist for 2020. Then after trying to play it, this game has been able to exceed my expectations.

From Heaven Down to Earth

You play as Sakuna, a daughter of the harvest goddess and god of war. He enjoys a good life in heaven thanks to his status and parents until he meets a group of humans who sneak in desperate for food. As a result of the efforts to expel the group of humans, Sakuna actually made a mess. He and the group of humans he met were then driven to the devil's island to investigate and eradicate the source of the evil creatures on the island. But at the same time, they also have to survive.

Review : Sakuna of Rece and Ruin

When he was first introduced, Sakuna was a character who was arrogant and looked down on others only because of his status and bloodline. But over time he began to understand the humans who lived with him and began to care about his new "family". Throughout the game you will also learn various things about Sakuna and each of the other characters at dinner. You will listen to a lot of things from the origins of each character, to their perspectives on various things, from simple things like alcohol to heavy ones like religion and beliefs. This moment can also make you as a player feel that you care about each character.

But apart from the story, the presentation at Sakuna: of Rice And Ruin was also very inspiring. In general, this game looks very beautiful. But this beauty also continues to adapt according to time and season. For example during winter, various areas will be covered by snow. Likewise when it rains or at night. Everything is also equipped with traditional Japanese nuances that match this game.

When out to exterminate demons, Sakuna: of Rice And Ruin takes the form of a two-dimensional action platformer gameplay. Each area has its own mission which, if completed, will give you points to access new areas. But when you are in action, you are actually not only getting rid of the devil, but also looking for materials for your food and your new family as well as raw materials for fertilizers for your land.

Eradicate the Devil with Swords and Scarves

When fighting, you have three types of movements, namely fast light attack, slow but strong heavy attack, special skills. Each movement is also different depending on the direction buttons you press simultaneously. You can do combos and finish off enemies with a combination of these three moves. Even if you do the right combo, you can throw your opponent and hit other opponents. Not only that, as you play, you also get new special skills that you can add or change to Sakuna's move set. This means that you can modify Sakuna's fighting movements according to your style of play.

But what made combat Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin so interesting was the magic shawl Sakuna brought. Outside combat, this shawl serves as a grappling hook to reach walls or platforms. But in combat, you can use this scarf to pull your body behind your enemy, lock your opponent's movements, or even pull and throw your opponent. The mobility in the shawl is what gives you the mobility to move and dodge, while also allowing you to keep attacking endlessly. This scarf is what makes combat in this game even more exciting and rewarding for players who master the move set they have.

Although interesting, combat is only part of the gameplay in Sakuna: of Rice And Ruin. You actually won't be out fighting very often. Even if you focus too often and focus on combat, you might get bored quickly with this game because the variety of enemies is quite minimal.

Another part of Sakuna's gameplay: of Rice And Ruin is in the process of planting rice or rice. You could even say that the process of growing this rice is the main axis of this game. Because almost anything you do in the game must consider the fate of the rice you plant.

To be continue......