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This is the New Content and Features in Patch 1.2 Genshin Impact

Patch 1.2 Genshin Impact will arrive on December 22nd. We have previously discussed some of the features and optimizations that will be present in this patch in a separate article. But after that Mihoyo also did a special stream introducing a variety of new content that will be coming in this 1.2 patch.

The following is a summary of the new content and features that will be present in patch 1.2 Genshin Impact.

New Territories to Explore


The main content and what is the axis of update 1.2 is the presence of a new area called Dragonspine Mountain. This area will be in the form of a mountain covered with snow. Not only that, this snow mountain also has various new enemies and challenges that you can try. Of course each will provide various kinds of rewards.

But the uniqueness of Dragonspine Mountain didn't stop there. Like an iceberg, you will get a special debuff when you are in this area. If left for too long, this debuff will make you receive damage overtime. The way to get rid of this debuff is by standing near a fire source or near an object or creature that gives off heat.

Two New Characters


Like the previous patch, patch 1.2 also provides two new five-star characters, namely Albedo and Ganyu.

Albedo is a character with a sword weapon and the Geo element. He had the Elemental Skill created a platform that lifted him into the air. From there he can use a downward dive to inflict damage. Then for Elementa Burst, Albedo spawned rocks from underground into the area in front of her.

Meanwhile Ganyu is a character with arrows and Cryo elements. Besides Elemental Skill and Burst, you can charge Ganyu's Charged Attack or Aimed Shot for longer and can produce AoE Cryo damage. The Elementa Skill will generate ice flowers that attract the opponent's attention, then explode and produce AoE Cryo damage. Then the Elemental Burst will release an Orb that releases ice magic into an area.

Just like Tartaglia and Zhonli in patch 1.1, Albedo and Ganyu will be present at two separate banner events. Albedo will be released first on the first day of patch 1.2 on December 22nd, while Ganyu will be out in January.

New Weapons and Artifacts


Patch 1.2 will also feature a number of new Artifact weapons and sets.

The new weapons to be released are Frostbearer (Catalsyt), Dragonspine Spear (Polearm), Snow-Tombed Starsilver (Claymore). All three are four-star weapons, and some of them you can get for free after completing several missions in the Dragonspine Mountains.

Then for Artifact, we have two new sets, namely Blizzard Slayer and Heart of Depth. From the name alone, you probably already know the theme of these two sets. Blizzard Slayer is a set that amplifies Cryo damage and attacks enemies affected by Cryo. Meanwhile, Heart of Depth is a set that strengthens Hydro's damage and increases the potential damage every time you use Elemental Skills.

Various New Events


As usual, the new patch will bring several new events, including in this patch 1.2. The first event was a story involving Sucrose and Albedo. Doing this event will give you rewards that can be exchanged for various items to upgrade your character.

The second event is Hypostatic Syphony where you will challenge one of three Hypostatic bosses. But unlike ordinary Hypostatics, this time they are much stronger and have different attacks. Not only that, you can also change their strength or level of difficulty if you want a more challenging battle.

The third event is Lost Riches which is a treasure hunting event. You have to find Iron Coins that are buried underground. You can exchange these Iron Coins for various items. One of them is the Mini Seelie which functions as a pet that will follow you.

Finally, the Marvelous Merchandise event will be back. Find a traveling merchant in suspicious clothing, fulfill his requests, and be rewarded. You can also visit other players' worlds to do the same and get additional rewards.

Features and QoL


Patch 1.2 also presents several additional features and quality of life that make your playing experience even better. We have described everything in a separate article a few days ago. One thing we have to remind you is, don't forget to level up and Ascension your characters to get free Acquaint Fate.

What are you waiting for the most in patch 1.2 Genshin Impact? Did you make special preparations for this event?