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5 Most Evil and Terrible Cults List in Video Games

The developers have many ideas to create an interesting story game. One of the most widely used ideas is about organizations or cults that commit crimes for a specific purpose. Usually, games that have ideas like this are horror games even though there are games outside the horror genre that are.

Although countless developers have adopted the cult idea, only a handful have been recognized as successful icons and have survived to be discussed over the years.

Sinteticor has developed it and is ready to discuss it completely for you. Without further ado, here is a list of the most evil and dangerous cults to exist in video games.

1. The New Ezekiel Testament - Older than II

When the name of a cult is the most evil and frightens you, of course your mind will turn to Outlast II which carries this theme. In this game, the cult that takes on the role of villain is the Testament of New Ezekiel.

This cult succeeded in the area with the name Temple gate to do various destructive things to the people. Their purpose in doing this is purportedly to prevent the birth of the Anti-Christ. They are often children in order to prevent this.

Sullivan Knoth was an important person in the cult and passed on the heresy to his followers who were equally surprising. At the end of the game, these cult people commit mass suicide.

2. Unitology - Dead Space Series

Incredible outer space can also become the target of misguided and irresponsible operations. Yes, Dead Space makes the cult named Unitology as the main enemy and one of the victims is Isaac Clarke who is the main character in this game.

According to Unitology in this game, Necromorph is the highest form in the human life phase. They worship the alien artifact provided by them as the key to eternal life. The craziest is Necromorph according to them not a threat and something to embrace.

These crazy thoughts make Unitology the most dangerous cult in the video game industry.

3. The Abbey of Everyman - Dishonored series

In the Dishonored Series game, you often encounter masked sociopaths who are very annoying. They are known as The Abbey of Everyman and the people are said to be free to do whatever they want. They are said to have a mission to clean the world.

Anyone who doesn't follow their teachings at some point and then will be hunted down and improved in the end. Their rigid thinking makes this organization very dangerous. Surprisingly, the leaders of this organization can at times be evicted, chased, and if they misbehave!

4.Los Illuminados - Resident Evil 4

For those of you who play Resident Evil 4, of course you will remember the evil cult called Los Illuminados which is of course very impactful because they are certainly not too big for humans. The Los Illuminados breed Plagas which are parasites that invade the human body and influence a person's actions.

Los Illuminados aims to kidnap the President's daughter, Ashley Graham and implant Plaga in her. Its aim is to establish its influence on the president himself and the rest of the world. They were a real threat and luckily Leon S Kennedy defeated them and brought Ashley back safely.

5. The Order - Silent Hill

A pretty dangerous cult on Silent Hill. Yes, The Order is an important and dangerous organization in the game Silent Hill. This cult does not believe in anything in particular or worship anything. Instead, they wanted to rid the earth of its sins by killing everyone who was there.

Of course, what The Order is doing is very dangerous, so we as gamers must save ourselves from Silent Hill City which is full of creatures.