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Best Build for Albedo in Genshin Impact

"Although initially underestimated, Albedo proved to have very strong support potential in Genshin Impact."


Albedo is the first character to be released in patch 1.2 Genshin Impact at the end of December 2020. Although initially underestimated, this five-star Geo character is shown to have very strong abilities. Not only that, its capabilities are also quite simple and suitable for use in many lineups.

In this article we will explain the best builds for Albedo in Genshin Impact.

Best Weapon for Albedo

As support, Albedo's job when jumping into battle was to use Elemental Skills and / or Burst. After that, he should immediately withdraw and be replaced by your team's main DPS. That's why the weapon he is holding should help increase his Elemental Skill and / or Burst damage.

  • Festering Desire: The new weapon that appeared at the Dragonspine Mountains event seems to have been made for Albedo. This weapon has the effect of increasing the damage and critical rate of Elemental Skills, ideal if you want to build an Albedo that focuses on Elemental Skills. Not only that, this weapon is also very easy for you to refine to the maximum point.
  • Harbringer of Dawn: If you want to build Albedo that is more focused on Elemental Burst damage, then Harbringer of Dawn is the ideal weapon. This weapon did not give bonuses to Elemental Skills. But instead this weapon can provide an additional critical rate and also critical damage which also applies to Elemental Skills AND Elemental Burst. Then because it has a low level of rarity, you should be able to refine this weapon to the maximum easily

Best Artifact for Albedo

Albedo has two different build directions depending on what you want to use, Elemental Skill or Burst. But even so, the choice of Artifact and the stats you want in each build is not that different. This means that you can always customize your Albedo build according to the Artifact you get.

  • Archaic Petra (4): Use four Archaic Petra if you want to maximize Albedo's Elemental Skill damage. As long as using the right lineup, Albedo's Elemental Skill should be able to Crystalize the effect consistently. This means that you can maximize the bonus damage effect from Archaic Petra consistently. Then for stats, your main targets are Def%, Geo Damage Bonus, and Crit Rate / Crit Dmg.
  • Archaic Petra (2) + Noblesse Oblige (2): If you want to maximize the damage from Elemental Burst Albedo, you only need to replace two pieces of Archaic Petra with two Noblesse Oblige. This will increase the Elemental Burst Albedo damage by 20 percent. The stats you are looking for are also not much different, namely Atk%, Geo Damage Bonus, and Crit Rate / Crit Dmg.

Team Albedo composition

Because he holds the Geo element, Albedo can be included in various lineups. Its contribution will be even more pronounced if you use a lineup that utilizes Geo Resonance. But even without that, he can still be a solid support.

One of Albedo's main functions as support is to provide additional damage to your team's DPS thanks to her Elemental Skill. That's why a character who can deal consistent and fast damage will greatly benefit from Albedo's presence, especially if the character can also produce elemental damage and / or AoE to take advantage of Albedo's Elemental Skill effect even further.

Diluc and Tartaglia are two examples of characters who can produce elemental and AoE damage quickly and consistently. But apart from that characters like Venti, Xiangling, Sucrose, or even Main Character (Anemo) can make good use of Albedo's Elemental Skill. From there, Albedo will get energy to spam Elemental Burst continuously.