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IO Interactive Has Announced All Locations in Game Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is one of the most awaited games by stealth game lovers or the Hitman franchise. The game is said to be the final series of a trilogy created by IO Interactive. Hitman 3 will be the conclusion of the various murders committed by the bald man, Agent 47.

As a conclusion, it is clear that this game will be awaited by gamers who have followed it from the first Hitman. However, action stealth game lovers are also waiting for him because of the exciting game mechanics.

The Hitman series developed by IO Interactive does offer Agent 47 freedom of execution to its victims. You can kill them in any way, as long as the other enemies don't get caught. Besides that, there is a solid storyline that is also presented by IO Interactive.

So, you have clear reasons for killing targets that are scattered throughout the world. Interestingly, each murder that was committed always took place in a different place with its own nuances and uniqueness.

The visual beauty that is presented is the strength of IO Interactive's version of the Hitman trilogy. That is why, they made the location in Hitman 3 as one of the main attractions why gamers should play the game.

The introduction of the locations is also quite unique. Because IO Interactive doesn't introduce these locations all at once. They introduce it gradually or one by one to gamers.

Now, as of January 12, 2021, they have introduced all locations in the Hitman 3 game. There are six locations in this game covering Europe, Asia and South America. All regions have their own uniqueness to provide unforgettable experiences and we will discuss them one by one.

1. Dubai - UAE

Dubai will be the opening territory in Hitman 3 game. Here Agent 47 will have a serious challenge because the authority in the Dubai area is not easy to beat. IO Interactive promises splendor through the opening scene of the tallest building in the world.

In introducing Dubai locations, IO Interactive lets you explore the top floors of the tallest building in the world. Not to mention because of its extraordinary location, gamers will be spoiled with a variety of beauties both inside the building and outside.

2. Dartmoor - UK

After the execution in Dubai, gamers will go to the United Kingdom to be precise in Dartmoor. Here, gamers will step on Thornbridge Manor which is one of the most historic locations on Dartmoor.

The missions presented here are quite unique because you can execute enemies freely. As Agent 47, you can execute targets in your own way or disguise yourself as a detective to kill enemies in a more organized manner.

The reason is, when you choose to become a detective, you will interact with people around the Manor. According to what was discussed on, there will be a touch of Sherlock Holmes when you explore Dartmoor in Hitman 3.

3. Berlin - Germany

After being satisfied playing as a detective and exploring England in the style of Sherlock Holmes, Agent 47 will travel to Germany. Germany has a very unique location in Hitman 3. Because here you will explore the night world from the outskirts of Berlin,

You can explore Berlin to cool off or just join in to an epic rave party. For those who are happy with the view of the night world, Hitman 3 will indulge through the Berlin location.

Of course, don't forget, at this location you also have a target that you have to brush and remove from the world.

4. Chongqing - China

IO Interactive will increase the intensity of the game mid-game by presenting a Chongqing location in China. This location has a typical Chinese city level design complete with flickering neon lights plus a variety of crammed roadside shops.

This city is known as a transportation center with many unknown secrets. Exploring the various secrets in this game will be a challenge in itself.

5. Mendoza - Argentina

Mendoza will be an area where you will undergo an important mission as Agent 47. Mendoza itself is located in Argentina. This region is quite interesting and beautiful because it is called one of the most famous wine producing regions in South America.

Gamers will be treated to a typical Argentine atmosphere with a variety of beautiful views from the visual side. You will be adventuring in hilly areas and vineyards. Of course, the large area gives you many opportunities to explore.

In addition, your options for executing targets will be numerous thanks to the vast area of Mendoza.

6. Carpathian Mountains - Romania

The epilogue of Hitman 3 will be located on the territory of Romania. This is the place where gamers end the assassination missions of IO Interactive's entire Hitman trilogy. The Carpathian Mountains region will witness the execution of Agent 47 on his final mission.

For those who don't know, Romania is the region where Agent 47 was born in the Hitman series. In my opinion, there will be emotional things that IO Interactive want to present at the ending of this trilogy game.