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What if Apex Legends has the Gunsmith feature from Warzone?

 The Apex Legends community has just been busy talking about what if their game adapts the gunsmith feature from Warzone so that it can customize weapons and have its own class system.

This is clearly a hot topic for debate because Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone are battle royale games that are still busy playing today. However, they both have different weapon customization features.

Apex Legends is played with standard gameplay by asking players to customize weapons when looting during the game. Warzone is a little different because it allows you to use a special weapon from the class system that has been prepared via drop loadout.

The concept of gunsmith gameplay began to be discussed after a video posting on Reddit featuring weapon customization in Apex Legends.

The video above shows how players adjust the customization for the Alternator weapon where similar to the Gunsmith feature in Warzone, players can change weapon parts ranging from Barrel, Muzzle, Underbarrel, Magazine, and Stock.

Even Respawn's Apex Legends News Twitter account also commented on what if this feature was applied to their game.

But this topic raises many questions such as how will Gunsmith and the class system change the course of the game in Apex Legends, especially when fighting? Will it be balanced or even ruin the game?

Even though the class system is not a feature that most Apex players want, it's certainly interesting to see if this concept is implemented. It is possible that Respawn will try this feature in LTM (Limited-Time Edition) mode so that players can experiment with customizing weapons.

If you play Apex Legends, do you think this Gunsmith feature is suitable or not? Or what features do you need to add to the game to make the customization of existing weapons even more interesting?