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Wild Rift Champion Recommendations for Beginners by Role (Part 1)

League Of Legends WildRift

Do you find it difficult to play Wild Rift because the gameplay is quite different from other MOBA games? This guide will help you choose the recommended Wild Rift champion for beginners according to each role.

What you need to remember, when playing Wild Rift, you can't just choose a champion because each champion has its own role and lane.

For example, a team can only have one ADC as a champion who will do the most damage in the team. Having two ADCs is not recommended. Likewise with Mid Lane which must be filled by Mage or Assassin. The problem is, which champion should you use if it's your first time playing Wild Rift?

Here's a Wild Rift champion guide for beginners according to role and lane.

1. Baron Lane: Fighter / Tank - Garen

Baron Lane - Garen

Baron Lane is marked with a purple lane which indicates that this lane is the closest path from the Baron Pit, where Baron Nashor is located. This lane is generally filled by one champion from Fighter or Tank.

The recommended champions for beginners are Garen, Nasus, Dr. Mundo, and Jax. Meanwhile, the recommended champion Tank for beginners is Garen, Nasus, Dr. Mundo, Malphite and Alistar. Playing Garen is also not difficult because you don't need a lot of combinations. Moreover, Garen's skill can also finish minions within 360 degrees quickly.

Playing at Baron Lane requires a push-pull strategy. In short, don't get too hooked on the enemy or get too close to his Outer Turret early in the game. Aim for as many Last Hit Minions as possible and try to get to level 5. Don't forget to place the Ward around the bush to open the map.

Take out the enemy if you feel confident that you can beat the enemy in a one-on-one fight. If not, wait for your friend's champion jungler to rank. So that when the enemy dies, you can destroy the enemy turret quickly.

If you want to try other champions that are quite easy to use, Gimbot recommends using Nasus. Nasus has a skill that can make the enemy run slowly and increase the stack if he hits the minion. The more stacks you collect, the greater the damage.

2. Mid Lane: Mage / Assassin - Ahri

Mage - Assasin - Ahri

Mid Lane is the path of life and death in Wild Rift. Not that Baron Lane and Dragon Lane don't matter. It's just that which team can destroy their opponent's Outer Turret at Mid Lane first will have a higher chance of winning.

This lane is usually filled by a champion Mage or Assassin. The reason is because Mage and Assassin types have a fast damage burst in clearing minions. Champion Mages that are recommended for beginners are Ahri, Lux, and Annie. As for the suggested Assassin champion is Ahri.

Ahri has a skill that can kill minions at the start of the game quickly. Try to aim for the Last Hit Minion while pushing little by little towards the enemy's Outer Turret. So that when the enemy does a recall, you can repay the damage to the turret.

Mid Lane is also the easiest area to rank because of the open right and left. Save the ultimate skill and wait for your champion companion to come to finish off the enemy and the turret at once.

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