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Wild Rift Champion Recommendations for Beginners by Role (Part 2)

3. ADC: Marksman - Jinx

Marksman - Jinx

ADC stands for Attack Damage Carry and acts as a champion who will support a team because it will provide the greatest damage in a battle. ADC will play with champion support on Dragon Lane. Dragon Lane is the closest path to Dragon Pit.

Usually ADC is played by champion Marksman and recommended for beginners are Jinx and Ashe. It is important to remember that the ADC must level up quickly and collect Gold as fast as possible so that his item build can be formed immediately.

Make sure you get all the Last Hit Minions and always fight behind and beside the Support Champion so that you don't get kidnapped by the enemy. Jinx has a skill that can change the type of shot so that it can finish off minions quickly. Jinx can also throw traps so you can keep your distance from the enemy.

4. Support: Blitzcrank

Support - Blitzcrank

Support will fight alongside ADC champions on Dragon Lane. The task of Support as the name implies, is to help the team and protect the ADC from enemy attacks. Champion Support that is recommended for beginners is Blitzcrank, Janna, Sona, Lux.

Make sure you are always near the ADC champion and help him reduce the minion's blood but don't take the Last Hit Minion. So that the ADC can do clearing minions freely.

Blitzcrank has a skill that can attract enemies. Aim for the moment and when you get the enemy, do consecutive attacks with the ADC to kill it.

5. Jungle: Assassin / Fighter - Master Yi

Assasin - Fighter - Master Yi

Jungle is a special lane designed for all champion roles but usually filled with Assassin or Fighter champions. This lane requires the champion to kill all monsters in the forest to get Exp and Gold.

The recommended Champion Assassin and Fighter for beginners is Master Yi. Master Yi has the skill to reduce the blood of many monsters quickly. If you have finished off the monsters on one side, occasionally do ganking towards Dragon Lane or Baron Lane by looking at the map.

Master Yi also has a skill that can fill his own blood so you don't need to recall to the base when you are hit by damage from monsters or enemies.

Those are some recommendations for Wild Rift champion guides for beginners according to roles and lane. Make sure you don't use the wrong champion in each role and lane!

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