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Some Reasons Why You Should Play Little Nightmares Game

Little Nightmares is one of the indie games that has managed to steal the attention. Launched in 2017, this game is still very interesting and relevant to play. This game, which was developed by Tarsier Studios and launched by Bandai Namco Entertainment, received a very extraordinary rating on Steam.

Now, for those who have played it, you have to be happy. The reason is, Tarsier Studios is preparing the Little Nightmares 2 game which will be released on February 11, 2021. There has been a lot of news discussing interesting things that will be brought by the second game.

For those of you who are interested in Little Nightmares 2, we suggest that you play the first Little Nightmares first. Even though from the side of the story it seems that the two are not related, the first Little Nightmares will help you understand what this game actually brings in the past.

This way, your game in Little Nightmares 2 will be a much better and immersive experience. So what are the reasons that make you obliged to play Little Nightmares? Here's the review!

Little Nightmares

1. Unique "Dwarf" Visual

The first thing that makes you obliged to play the Little Nightmare game is that the game has quite a unique visualization. This game has a gray visual atmosphere, but on the other hand it is also able to provide bright colors. This combination makes me feel that Little Nightmare is quite unique in presenting visuals.

Not to mention that the majority of the items presented in this game have a vintage style which makes them even more attractive. In addition, Tarsier Studios also sometimes changes the camera's point of view in terms of zoom in and zoom out so that sometimes the visual sense that is presented feels more cinematic in some moments.

2. Fun and Challenging Puzzles

The biggest challenge of a model game like this is none other than the puzzle. For those of you who like puzzles that are quite difficult, Little Nightmares will spoil you. Tarsier Studios arguably includes puzzles in this game in almost every major aspect such as boss and minor battles.

For example, there are many moments where you have to strategize just to open a door. You will continue to get a series of puzzles like this throughout the game. For those who are mentally weak, they can just give up halfway through or watch the walkthrough because they don't want to be complicated.

Even more crazy, the puzzles almost have to be solved without clues which make this game even more challenging. So, before trying Little Nightmares 2 which seems more complex, it's good to warm up first in Little Nightmares first.

3. Not Creepy but Tense

Gamers who are familiar with horror games like Resident Evil, Layers of Fear, or The Evil Within must think that Little Nightmares is far from horror. I first thought of it like that because I was complacent about the cute and colorful visuals.

But that all changes when you have played it. It turns out, even though it's not scary from the visual side, Little Nightmares presents horror in a different way. Tarsier Studios makes the protagonist's weaknesses a tool to scare gamers.

Playing as a dwarf, of course he will die easily if he faces a monster of a larger size. Therefore, the majority of things you have to do is stealth and doing stealth here is not easy.

Because stealth that you have to do sometimes you have to solve the puzzle. In this way, Tarsier managed to provoke a sense of excitement from gamers even though on the other hand, gamers are actually not afraid of this game.

That approach is further refined with a sound that is so good that it can trigger a sense of constant tension. This tense feeling will peak when boss fights are held. Usually, before facing the boss, we can see the boss that will be faced from a distance so that it adds a scary impression.

4. Absurd Story Combined Horror & Fairy Tale

For those of you who are easily confused, it's better to just ignore the storyline in this game and focus on completing challenges until this game is over. The reason is, the storyline presented by this game is quite absurd. From the beginning, we were not explained why the character we played, Six, was trapped in that terrible world.

The only story description is only given by Tarsier himself where Six is ​​trapped in a world called The Maw and he has to escape from there. After that, we have to interpret it ourselves and have to understand for ourselves what really happened.

This style of story is already commonplace in the game industry, especially when Playdead's LIMBO and INSIDE were introduced.

5. Moments against the boss that make an impression on your head

The most important point in my opinion next is that the boss battles in Little Nightmares are quite solid. To face the boss, there are several ways that you must go through starting from stealth to running away openly.