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The Dark Side of eSports: Gambling and Suspicion of Scoring

The presence of the Corona virus has forced people to lock themselves up at home so that the number of people playing games has increased dramatically.

The virus, which is considered to be detrimental to many people, has even made the eSports industry reap huge profits. Even a number of giant sponsors such as BMW, Coca - Cola, and Louis Vuitton said they are ready to support gamers who switch from traditional sports and come from around the world.

This condition turned out to also be a fresh opportunity for some unscrupulous people to commit fraud. Not only in traditional sports, cheating such as score fixing, gambling and cheating also occurs in the world of electronic sports, aka eSports.

This incident was real in Victoria, Australia last August. The BNNBloomberg website revealed that 6 young people who participated in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive eSports tournament were arrested after being caught gambling and missing in 5 matches.

The police even took six months to investigate until the perpetrator was finally caught. The punishment for perpetrators who are found guilty of cheating is no joke, namely 10 years in prison.

Esport Gambling Act

Another case occurred with a gamer from India, Nikhil "Forsaken" Kumawat who was arrested for hacking or cheating to win a game.

Nikhil "Forsaken" Kumawat

Likewise with a gamer from Korea, Lee “Life” Seung-hyunwas who was in prison for 18 months due to being caught committing similar fraud in 2 eSports competition matches.

This kind of cheating unconsciously seems to often occur in the world's magnificent tunamen, for example, The International and Fort Nite World Cup, which have millions of US dollars in prizes. Some of the prizes turned out to come from gambling bets.

The results of Eilers & Krejcik Gaming's research report that the practice of gambling betting, which was originally US $ 5.5 trillion (2016), is predicted to increase by almost 3 times or worth US $ 13 trillion.

These illegal gambling syndicates will use various methods to manipulate the game, just like what happens in traditional sports. One of them is by bribing or forcing players not to win the competition.

According to the Director of the Australian Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), Stephen Hanna, in fact the rampant cheating in the world of eSports competition is impossible to clean up.

“It is impossible to completely eradicate fraudulent acts such as gambling and scoring. All that can be done is to limit this cheating from becoming more and more widespread. "

Last year the Swedish state even introduced new regulations in an effort to prevent cheating and protect the world of sports from gamblers who generally offer bets to underage teenagers. This preventive effort has also been implemented by Spain and the United States.

ESIC even works with the Australian police to educate caught gambling perpetrators about illegal gambling and hacking. Narcotics tests were also carried out to ensure the players did not use them as doping to increase concentration while competing.

Several television channels have even added a special channel to report developments around eSports. This is also an effort to prevent corruption scandals and fraud that could pollute the world of eSports competitions.

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