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Best Build for Keqing in Genshin Impact


When compared to the other Genshin Impact characters, Keqing was probably rarely talked about. Naturally, because when the majority of DPS characters are present through the limited banner, Keqing is one of the initial characters that you can get and can always pull from the standard banner. In short, it never gets the spotlight. But that doesn't mean he's a bad character. Like the majority of five-star characters, he is of course very strong and has a unique playing style and maybe he could say that he is quite fun.

In this article, we will provide the best character build guide for Keqing in Genshin Impact.

Keqing's Best Weapon

When fanging, Keqing will rely more on the Electro Damage he gets from Elemental Skills and Burst. In addition, because he uses a sword that has a fast attack animation, Keqing relies more on consistent damage output than burst damage in one or two attacks. Because of this, several weapons that are suitable for him are more directed at increasing Attack.

  • Lion's Roar: Lion's Roar is one of the weapons that increases the user's attack. In addition, this weapon has the effect of increasing damage to opponents who are being electrocuted. This is of course very suitable for Keqing who will always produce Electro effects and damage to his opponent.
  • Prototype Rancour: If you are unlucky and don't get Lion's Roar on gacha pull, you can use Prototype Rancour which you can make in Blacksmith. Apart from both increasing your Attack, this weapon can increase your Attack and Defense every time you land an attack. The effect can be stacked, and for Keqing who has a fast attack animation, he can get the maximum stack easily.
  • The Black Sword: If you can get high attack from Artifact and are looking for Critical Rate to increase your damage output, The Black Sword from Battle Pass is your choice. This weapon helps increase the Critical Rate and also has the effect of increasing your attack damage even higher. Besides that the resulting heal is also quite helpful.

Keqing's Best Artifact

Just like his choice of weapon, Keqing Artifact always aimed for consistent damage output. That means the stats you are most looking for from an Artifact are Attack%, ​​Attack, and Electro Damage. After that, you can look for the Critical Rate in the sub-stats. For the set used, you can choose one of the two sets below:

KeQing Artifact

  • Gladiator's Finale (2) + Thundering Fury (2): This set aims to increase Keqing's damage from Attack and also Electro Damage. The two of them synergize with Keqing who can perform fast Electro attacks.
  • Thundersoother (4): If you guarantee that you can produce Electro effects consistently and continuously on your opponent, Thundersoother is a set you can consider. The full set effect of this Artifact will increase Keqing's damage significantly, but only if the opponent is electrocuted.

Best Team for Keqing

Just like most DPS characters, Keqing wants to be in the game as long as possible to take damage. He can produce Electro Damage thanks to his Elemental Burst. This means that you need support that deals damage to other elements to activate Elemental Reaction.

Out of the many characters, Xinqiu was probably the best match for Keqing in the team. He can add a Hydro effect to every Keqing attack which of course helps trigger Electrocharged. Qiqi or Kaeya can fill a similar role, but for the Cryo element and the Superconduct effect, so can Xiangling for the Pyro and the Overloaded effect.

In order to increase the damage output he generates, you might want to bring two Pyro characters with Keqing. But if you find it difficult to fill energy for Elemental Burst, you can bring another Electro character like Fischl to get Electro Resonance which increases your energy gain.