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Virtua Cop 2 - The Favorite PC Arcade Shooter Game in the Age of Windows 98

"If you often play Virtua Cop 2, you are guaranteed to have competed to get the perfect score for each other."

If you were born in the 90's, you will know that the computer monitor was not the same shape it is today. The screen is tubular like an old model TV. The processor speed itself was also far behind because it was still running Windows 98. However, there were a lot of games back then which were very memorable to remember and of course when it comes to shooting games and Virtua Cop 2 is one of them. I think almost every child in those days played this game either on their personal computer at home or played it at a friend's house.

Virtua Cop 2 itself is an arcade shooter game developed by SEGA and released in 1995. Then, this game was ported to SEGA Saturn in 1996 until finally this game was released on the PC platform in 1997 and SEGA Dreamcast in 2000. Despite playing without using a gun like the one in the arcade arena at the mall, playing Virtual Cop 2 using a mouse is still fun.

Come on, feel nostalgic again with this arcade shooter game!

Role as a Police Against Terrorists

In fact, Virtua Cop 2 provides an experience of what it feels like to be a justice enforcer in the community in fighting crime. As you can remember, the story follows the police on duty and gets a report of a robbery at a jewelry building. It is increasingly becoming known that this crime involves many criminals to terrorists.

You will see many criminals hanging around from gangsters, soldiers, to bosses who will confront you on several levels. You will play in three levels starting from Beginner, Medium, and Expert and each will be played in a different place and the longer the enemy will be more and will provide a variety of different attacks.

Easy Shoot Control. Just Click Left and Right

Like other arcade shooter games, you can play this game for up to two players and later have to determine which route you want to take from the two options available. The first player will use a mouse with a blue dot appearance. Meanwhile, the second player will play using a keyboard with a red dot display.

The way to shoot is quite easy, you just have to left click to shoot and right click to reload. At the beginning of the game, you will use a built-in weapon in the form of a revolver with six bullets and five blood. If this blood runs out, it's game over and you can continue with the remaining lives. Each enemy will appear in a specific pattern and is marked with a circle that decreases from green to red. Be careful if you get red because it means their shot will definitely injure you.

The details of the shot can be said to be quite exciting at that time because the shots you give to the enemy will have a different effect. For example, shooting in the leg will cause them to fall unsteadily or when shooting in the head will cause them to fall backwards. You can also destroy several objects such as glass, wooden blocks, and car tires to make the enemy car that is chasing reverse. Make sure you don't shoot wandering prisoners if you don't want your blood to be wasted.

There are Many Secret Weapons in Specific Locations

Interestingly, the revolver weapon used can be replaced with other weapons such as SMG which you can get with attention to detail when you manage to kill enemies in certain locations such as in apartments or behind wooden blocks where they are hiding.

It doesn't matter if you are attacked from many directions such as grenades, knives, and bazookas because this SMG weapon will really help you destroy it, especially in eliminating bosses that appear because it can reduce their blood quickly. Although all of these attacks can be countered by revolvers as well.