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Best Build for Tartaglia (Childe) in Genshin Impact

"Tartaglia is one of the DPS Genshin Impact characters that is very unique because he can change his attacks from a distance to close range"


Tartaglia or Childe is a Genshin Impact character who until now is the only one who can change his attack from a distance from close range. From initially using arrows and dealing physical damage, he can turn into a melee or melee character with fast and large Hydro damage. Coupled with the high potential for burst damage, he is the only Hydro character who purely acts as a DPS.

Here are the best builds for Tartaglia in Genshin Impact. 

Best Weapon for Tartaglia

Despite using arrows that produce physical damage, Tartaglia relies more on the Hydro damage he generates when turning into melee. That's why the ideal build for him should aim at Hydro damage. But for weapons, he of course only needs to look for weapons that increase attack or damage in general.

  • Rust: Rust is a weapon that looks like it was made especially for Tartaglia. This weapon provides Attack sub-stats that all DPS characters are looking for. But not only that, the effect is to increase the damage of ordinary attacks and reduce the damage charged attacks, which is very suitable for Tartaglia who relies more on ordinary attacks.
  • The Viridescent Hunt: The thing you are looking for the most in this weapon is the Critical Rate sub-stats that are given to increase your damage output. The effect, even if you're not really looking for it, is also quite useful for gathering opponents into one place so you can do damage easily.

Best Artifacts for Tartaglia

Because it acts as the main DPS that relies on Hydro damage, the stats you get in Artifact for Tartaglia are actually quite simple. You need to find Attack, Hydro Damage, and Crit Rate/Damage for its main stats. But for matching sets, there's only one set that really suits him and I think you know what set he's referring to.

  • Heart of Depth (4): Since it was first introduced, this set immediately became the main and only choice set for Tartaglia. This set not only deals additional Hydro damage, but also bonus Attack after you use Elemental Skills. Remember, to deal maximum damage, Tartaglia needs to use melee attacks. Well, to turn into a melee character, he had to use an Elemental Skill which meant activating this Artifact set effect.

Best Lineup for Tartaglia

There is one character who is able to make Tartaglia very strong, namely Beidou. Utilizing Beidou's Elemental Burst, Tartaglia can produce Hydro plus chain-lighting damage every time he attacks in a melee position. This means that in every attack he can produce high damage plus an Electro-Charged effect to the enemy. In short, Beidou alone could make Tartaglia's damage output increase greatly. Moreover, Beidou's Elemental Burst could also provide a Shield, allowing Tartaglia to attack more freely.

Beidou's only weakness when played as support for Tartaglia is the amount of energy required to activate his Elemental Burst. Well, to cover this weakness you can bring Fischl which functions as a "battery" not only from the Elemental Skill he has but also the Electro Resonance he created with Beidou.

After these two characters, you can use one more slot for the healer character you like. For the sake of higher damage, your best choice is of course Bennett who gives buff Attack through his Elemental Burst. But you can also use Barbara who can also take advantage of Beidou's Elemental Burst especially if Tartaglia's Elemental Skill is on cooldown.