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Sinteticor Guide Review : Sucrose Genshin Impact

Recently I bought a Sucrose Gin Impact for my Aion: The Tower of Eternity guide, and I'm really glad I did. The damage nerf that the item provides is second to none, making it much better than every other elemental skill in the game. Now there are several things that the item does that sets it apart from every other. It deals out incredible damage on a consistent basis, even on a full health party, and has a very useful secondary effect that greatly increases an attunement times.

So what makes this unique? The fact that the item provides wind spirit on cast, and the fact that the spirit provided by the wind spirit is shared with all members of your party, so you get even more crit and the damage. But beyond that, what separates this item from every other elemental mastery in the game? Well, firstly, the fact that it deals great damage and always crits, second the fact that it provides another useful stat, elemental mastery buff, and an aura increasing buff, that improves all members of your party's attunement times.

Overall, the Sucrose Gingins impact game is great. It has great damage, a good base dps, and an excellent aura application that allow it to dominate at lower levels. It's great for any anemo genshin mare but especially for those who like to farm as much crit as possible, especially since the damage doesn't get reduced like other mares do.