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Na'Vi crowned champions at record-breaking 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' tournament

Na'Vi won the 2021 PGL Major Stockholm Championships in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Sunday.

After competing in 15 Majors over the past several years just to find up each time, team Na'Vi finally prevailed at a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major. Not only did Na'Vi take home $1 million in earnings, they set became part of what could decrease in background as one of the biggest esports competitions to date. The 2021 PGL Major Stockholm finals got to a shocking new height simultaneous visitor number for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at 2.7 million, Esports Charts reported Sunday.

Perhaps the largest factor for the staggering customer numbers is because of Na'Vi's own Aleksandr'S 1mple' Kostyliev winning his very first Major. Kostyliev is commonly called the best Counter-Strike: Global Offending professional in spite of never ever winning a champion of this caliber. Well, no longer! Kostyliev also appeared as MVP of the event, HLTV reported Sunday. That's rather an achievement, especially considering Na'Vi went unbeaten the 2021 PGL Major Stockholm championships.

Kostyliev just recently made headings with S1mple Formula, a documentary concerning his life and also rise to esports fame. Lots of are speculating that he will certainly jump over to Valorant in the coming months.