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What is RTP in Online Slot ?

Have you ever heard the meaning of RTP? Do you check RTP before playing slots?

If you don't know, you will tell all of you. A few more tactics to make it more stable and take home the jackpot.

RTP is an abbreviation that comes from the word Return to Player, which means RTP is often requested by slot players who want to know how big or small their wins are in the game to be played.

In general, the meaning of RTP is the return of a certain amount of money that has been wagered on a slot machine, the way of returning it is in the form of a percentage number.

For example, if the slot machine has an RTP of 90 percent, it means that 90 percent of the player's money will be returned from the total value of the bets played on the game.

Meaning of RTP Slot

RTP slot is a Return To Player term. RTP itself has a meaning or meaning back to the player. Therefore, players who play slots will benefit or even profit from the slots they play. The total available profit is based on this RTP percentage.

RTP slot games have a fairly large percentage ranging from 90 percent to 99 percent. This is the rule in RTP slot games for all types of slots. The higher the RTP percentage in this slot game, the more you can earn every time you win in the game.

The system in RTP game slots is not difficult enough. This Return to Player will be present on each type of machine or on different slot titles. So each type of slot game title that is not the same will provide a Return to Player slot with a different percentage so that the payouts that the machine gives you are also not the same.

Players can claim it from the slot itself when they win the slot they play. The online slot dealer will pay based on the results you get in this slot game, provided that the total winnings given by the player are in accordance with the Return to Player percentage on the slot machine game.

RTP Function in Slot Games

Slot players often never show him from the game being played, usually when you have completed the main balance, you must be ready to immediately run to play it.

All slot machines generally apply various Return to Player numbers with a range of numbers from 90 to 96 percent, which will affect the number of wins. The higher the Return to Player number applied, the greater the chances of earning.

However, all of that does not guarantee 100 percent of wins in the game, RTP is only an estimate of spending when playing slots. With Return to Player, you can control the money you will bet later when you play.

For that, when you play slots and experience a lot of losses in one game, we suggest you switch to another slot that has a higher Return to Player than the game you previously played.

The RTP calculation itself is very simple, where all the total bets from slot games on this machine will be collected and players who manage to win can get results based on the wins obtained. The machine will issue the total existing RTP bet to the winning player.

For example a slot machine has bet 90 million in a 24-hour period and the RTP on this slot is 96 percent, so 90,000 x 96 percent = 81,000,000 as the bet put out by the machine and 4% for the payout from the provider.

Olympus Return to Player Slot Leaks

In this Gate Of Olympus game, it is very easy to guess the pattern of the game because here there are 2 Jackpot (JP) options that will be given by this game made by Pragmatic Provider.

You must first place the smallest bet on the IDR 200 bet, until he finds the free Scatter that will be provided by this Pragmatic Play provider.

If you haven't received the free scatter in 500 spins, increase the previous bet by 200 thousand to go up 1 level, i.e. bet 400 thousand until you find the free scatter and so on. Because??

Because this is where the highest Return to Player level will be given by this well-known provider, namely Pragmatic Play. So my boss don't give up the game and let this Olympus Gate game beat you.

As more and more of you are sucked in or pulled from our bankrolls by this game, my boss will actually receive the highest RTP for slot games.